Zwei Soldaten der Waffen-SS lesen “Das Schwarze Korps”, welches als Kampf- und Werbeblatt der SS bekannt war.

Two soldiers of the Waffen SS reading “Das Schwarze Korps” (“The Black Corps”) which was known as a combat and adversiting newspaper of the SS or Schutzstaffel.


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The Himmler Report

The awards of Reichsfuhrer-SS   Heinrich Himmler

These are the most commonly awards worn by him:

1. Illustration of his uniform showing awards and medal bar

2. Blood Order award   

[Participants in the 1923 putsch and been members of the party or one of its formations before January 1932 Unlike other medals, the ribbon was worn on the right breast of the uniform tunic in the form of a rosette]

3. Golden Party Badge

[awarded to the first 100,000 members who had joined and had uninterrupted service in the Party were given the right to wear it]

4. Luftwaffe pilot/observer badge (in gold with diamonds)

[ personnel who had already been awarded the Pilot’s Badge or Observer Badge]

5 SA sports badge (bronze)  

[awarded for physical fitness criteria]

6. NSDAP Gau badge 

[presented for outstanding service to the Nazi Party] 

7.Golden Hitler Youth membership badge 

[awarded those in the HJ and BDM who had been members prior to the first National Youth Day Rally at Potsdam in October of 1932, and had five years of uninterrupted service]

8. SS honor sword

[awarded in recognition of special merit ]

9. SS honor ring

[The ring was initially presented to senior officers of the Old Guard (of which there were fewer than 5,000) who had displayed extraordinary valor and leadership skill in battle]

Himmler’s authorized decorations were as follows:

Blood Order

Golden Nazi Party Badge

Golden Hitler Youth Badge

Nazi Party General Gau Badge

Nuremberg Party Day Badge

NSDAP Long Service Award (10 and 15 years service)

Honour Chevron for the Old Guard

SS Long Service Award (12 years service)

SS Honor Ring

SS Honor Sword

SS Zivilabzeichen 

SS Julleuchter

Olympic Games Decoration (First Class)

Social Welfare Decoration

Combined Pilots-Observation Badge (in gold with diamonds)

Anschluss Medal (Commemorative Medal of 13 March 1938)

Sudetenland Medal (w/Prague Castle Bar) (Commemorative Medal of 1 October 1938)

Memel Medal (Commemorative Medal for the Return of the Memel Region)

West Wall Medal (1944)

German Sports Badge (in silver)

SA Sports Badge (in bronze)

Himmler was granted foreign awards from Germany’s allies, Romania, Italy, and Croatia, which bestowed Himmler with high ranking orders. Himmler held claim to several German state decorations, most significantly from Bavaria, where he had previously served as Police President. Himmler rarely wore these additional medals, except at the most formal of state functions, when a full dress uniform was required.