And did you all see how they looked at each other? I needed their eye contact one more time before I could die in piece.

They way she looks up at him and the way he’s absolutely speechless because goddamn it she’s so beautiful. That panel from his perspective is everything. Because imagine how stunningly beautiful she looks in his eyes how breathtaking and how that smile means the world to him. And while they look at each other there is nothing that needs to be said.

But at the same time Sasuke is such a dork, he’s stunned and unable to say a word at the sight of her leaning in for a kiss and he turns around embarrased and probably blushing as badly as her.

And then that smile as he walks away…this scene was everything.

Things That Are Canon Now:
  • Sasuke is a pervert who still likes to tease his wife even 12 years into their marriage
  • Karin is no longer obsessed with Sasuke and sees him as an actual human being now and is glad that Sakura makes him happy
  • When Sarada started having trouble seeing, Sakura called up her old friend Karin to make her kid some glasses
  • Sasuke and Sakura finally traveled together and got to see the world and probably fucked on mountain tops and shit
  • There are going to be about 500+ Shins following papa Kabuto around Konoha with absolutely no explanation whatsoever 
  • Konoha FINALLY got an adoption system which will cut down about 500% of all future character angst
  • All these characters have grown and matured in so many magnificent and beautiful ways
  • Except Suigetsu
  • This ship that I have been shipping for 10 years now is so canon it hurts and I can’t stop crying thank you Kishi
うちは - What reflected there was a real deal - Love.

A father’s love that could never resist seeing his daughter’s sadness, 
and a lover/husband’s love that never changes.

The way Sasuke hugs his own Sarada after seeing her sad face. 
The way he can’t take seeing that look on the face of his daughter and 
the way the talks to her as he pokes her head warms my heart so much. 
And him being all the same as he was before to Sakura during their
academy and genin days when it comes to showing his love towards her.
Being all tsundere and not giving her what she is asking for instantly
(but we all know he will anyway). He never shows her love to her openly
and want to keep it between the two of them alone. What matters is she
feels as he does. It’s refreshing to see that some things never change
between these two even know that they’re already married. It has been
the SS that I came to know, fell in love with and appreciate forever.

This be leaving us SS shippers with lots of questions and keeps us
asking more from the two of them (we feel Sakura, don’t we?) But well, 
it’s SasuSaku. What more do we expect? *winks*

An now another surprise for NH XD I love this ending XD <3 <3

The Naruto ending is disappointing for everyone.


Because no matter who you ship, Kishimoto hasn’t really delivered.

Sasuke and Sakura are together, but not really, but just enough that SS fans are appeased. No kiss, no romance, but apparently a marriage and a child. Even if you ship SS this probably wasn’t your dream ending.

Naruto and Hinata are together, but we haven’t seen anything of them together in gaiden except for Naruto running away from his lunch. And Naruto’s children seem to be having a great time, cue sarcasm. But again, it’s just enough that NH fans aren’t furious, and just enough for anti-NH fans to pick it apart.

And SNS.. where do I start? The most canon ship is still not officially canon, and yet… Kishimoto writes it so there’s just enough to keep the SNS fans interested and hoping. Baits them just enough to keep them reading. Angers them just enough to keep them arguing with other ships.

And that’s it really, everything is just enough. It’s just enough for people to argue for their ships and for others to argue against them. It’s not decisive either way, Kishimoto always leaves himself room for manoeuvre.

Gaiden was written for the sole purpose of fuelling the ship wars so people would keep buying to see what happens to their ships. No one read this for the plot.

It’s such a cop out of an ending, everyone deserved better. Every single person, every single ship.

We deserved better.