I wanted to share my new DIY sparkle stim jar! It is sangria sunrise orange-pink goodness <3

To make one of these you will need:

  • a clean mason jar, or an old salsa/jam type jar with a good water-tight lid
  • water, and a pot or kettle to heat the water
  • coloured glitter glue
  • extra food colouring, glitter, sparkles, sequins, or whatever you want to throw in there (optional)

Here’s what to do:

  1. Prepare your jar for hot water.
  2. Using a pot or a kettle, heat enough water to fill your jar. It needs to get hot and start making little bubbles, but it doesn’t need to boil, so take it off before it reaches boiling. I used our electric kettle and just selected the 175F (green tea) setting.
  3. Pour your water (carefully, it’s hot) into your jar, leaving a bit of a space.
  4. Add as much glitter glue as you want. Seriously, more is best. Use a whole bottle if you want.
  5. Add in any food colouring, extra glitter, etc. here. I used yellow and orange glitter glue and pink sparkles for a happy tropical sunrise feeling.
  6. (Again carefully, ‘cause it is hot) put on your lid and tighten it as much as possible. I used oven mitts to get mine on good and tight. Then leave it out for a few hours to cool down.
  7. You’re done! Shake, watch, stim, enjoy~

I used an old jam jar with the kind of lid with a pop-up seal. After every hour I would go back and tighten the lid again as much as I could, and by the time it was room temperature, the lid had sealed really well.

I did summery colours, but blue and green would make for a soothing watery colour scheme, while pink and purple would be super cute. Or you could do a dark blue glitter glue/food colouring and chunkier gold sparkles for a nighttime sky galaxy thing! The options are limitless!


If everyone was actually demisexual as some of its critics claim the world would be completely different.

Hypersexualized advertisements, sex work, one night stands, one of the deadly sins, and porn would all be so much less prevalent and institutionalized in our society.

If you honestly think that demisexual is what everyone is like you probably don’t understand what demisexual is.

(background image is of a sparkly asexual flag)