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They've given Sakura's breast and eyelashes to Hinata. (Not to be rude to Hinata or anything but it's true lmao, and even as a main character spotlight)

That’s a bummer. I stopped watching the anime after the Sasori fight so I don’t even think I got to the part where the rest of the rookie 9 were reintroduced (plus I usually scroll past the [insert other girl here] vs Saku rants because I’m just here for le OTP not to bash characters) but yeah, I dunno I always thought that, in the very beginning, Sakura was meant to be portrayed as incredibly average in all aspects aside from her intelligence and that, by the shinobi war, she bloomed into this incredible, extraordinary, drop dead gorgeous, strong af goddess and that’s the whole point of her character development??? But they make her so plain and im like ??? ?????? ???????????

listen……raven and octavia would not approve of cl.exa….lexa tortured raven and sentenced finn to death and then left raven + co to be tortured to death in the mountain…..lexa put a kill order on lincoln and left octavia to die in tondc and again left them all to be tortured to death in the mountain….if clarke has “girl talk” with anyone about lexa it should be her mom or bellamy because tbh they’re the ones least likely to be upset about it

tbh if marie avgeropoulos came out tomorrow and was like, “look i’m sorry i didn’t realize what i was saying and i take it all back abuse is always horrible and never ok,” i would re-stan her in a heartbeat. like, i know it was ignorance. we all know it was ignorance. but if she takes that and learns from it and reforms her stance then who am i to hate her for being ignorant about something?? i’m ignorant about a LOT of things!! and i suck at holding grudges so…