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Chapter Three

Chapter Three

A Return to Reality

Following English class with Ms. Knight, Wes and Elliot  had left to go to their next class, and I had just walked off to my math class,  which I had just below a B in.  The class seemed to be moving one million times slower. IT WAS THE ALIENS!

Frantically,  I dug through my backpack, worksheets and papers were flying out from my bag until I  relaxed finding my tin foil hat.

“Ahem… “ the teacher said. Her hands were positioned on her hips,  her usual calm periwinkle blue nearly turned a shade of cobalt. It was clear that she was angry about something.

“I don’t suppose you want my extra alien deflector”

I say while reaching into my bag, and pulling out another tinfoil hat.  I didn’t necessarily believe I did anything wrong. The aliens were slowing down the space time continuum, so why was I in trouble? I didn’t see anything wrong with my actions

She sighed, it was what I assume was the perfect blend of anger and disappointment

“See me after class Ms. Cameron”

I hated knowing that I had done another thing that made her mad again.

I didn’t like the sound of it, it was the fourth time this month as she went back to work. I awkwardly shuffled papers into my backpack, as I looked around were mixes of patronizing and fake sympathetic looks from my classes.

I hated being singled out as the outcast, I mean did it feel nice to defy the “status quo” hell yes,  but  it didn’t stop the cyber bullies who had voiced their desire for me to kill myself following my dad’s DUI that killed someone,  as well as being physically abusive to my mom and I.

We had to leave Florida and although there were toxic people everywhere it helped knowing there were people like me who were different and believed weren’t alone.

It always sucked, a new move just wanting to escape, there days when I just  imagine I’m back.

The rest of class went somewhat faster than before, and then lunch bell rang.

I sighed, as the classroom became empty. Ms. Andersen  sighed,

“What’s wrong Gwen… this is the fourth time I have had you stay behind.”

I didn’t really want to explain it, there were these dreams I had; car crash,  just reminded me of Florida and I don’t like discussing  because of what he did.

“Just haven’t sleeping well” I say with a sigh. I hated lying but every time I wanted to tell the truth  I found it all the more simpler to lie.

Mrs. Andersen sighed, this was the standard sigh of disappointment she  scribbled on a scrap of paper,

“Go to lunch Gwen, but I’m recommending you visit Dr. Asher after school today.”  She handed me the paper.

I unwillingly nodded and took the paper and walked to the lunch room, I sighed to myself. “12: 55” I muttered to myself, I almost missed it. It wouldn’t be great if I had… I started drumming my fingers as I unwrapped  my sandwich and began to eat.

A loud commotion was heard,

“FIGHT!FIGHT!!” a small shout circle was formed. Slowly I inched away from my seat and got up where the fighting was happening.

As I got closer I turned to one of the people next to me,

“Who’s fighting?” I asked.

They turned from chanting

“H-huh? Oh. The Jessa and and one of the lacrosse kids.”

“Jessa?” I rose an eyebrow. I wedged myself closer towards the inner ring.

Instead of seeing a girl like I anticipated it was Elliot being pummelled by Felix Garreth. He had a dark brown hair shaved in a buzzcut, and her eyes were a light blue eyes. Elliot was being held in place by Adam and Dylan. Why would they be helping that block-head? And why did they… Oh! I felt the anger bubble inside of me,

“Hey Jerkface! Leave him alone!” I say angrily.

Felix looks up his hands are coated with Elliot’s blood.

“Did you just assume her gender?” He chuckles. He gets close to my face, growled angrily but clearly

“Stay out of this retard” he says pushing me to the ground.

Elliot gets up angrily, getting out of Adam and Dylan’s grip and punched Felix in the jaw.


“Ahem…” a voice coughed. His hair was a dark black, his skin was a light brown and his hair was a dark black.

“Mr. Evans…” I said awkwardly.

“Evans…?” Elliot whispered.

“Vice principal fairy…” Felix muttered.

“My office… NOW!” He shouted.

We walked off, Felix was ahead, but Elliot and I were behind him

“Why did you defend me… He’s right” I muttered

“No he’s wrong Gwen… you’re an amazing person plus you defended me. That earns like mass respect…  Thanks for like calling me a boy.” He says to me.

I was quiet,

“I have Aspergers Elliot…. But thank you. I’m not used to people defending me.” I said quietly.

“You’ll always have me to help you.” He says.

I smiled silently.

“I’ll remember that. But you better not be like overprotective Elliot.”

Elliot smiled, he stopped as he entered the office,

“I’ll be fine you know.”

I smiled slowly, and drummed my fingers. A bright flash consumed my eyes, the dream thing that had been keeping me awake the reason I couldn’t sleep.  A car, someone inside of it, it was a guy, dark brown hair, taller than me, Sam? What… was going on

I blinked, as Sam approached me, after I saw that vision I was scared now. Was Sam in danger?

“H-hey… what was that fight about?” he asked as he sat down next to me.

I briefly explained how Elliot is transgender, how he had defended me from Felix, how he was probably gonna get suspended because of Garreth’s kid, and how no one was gonna back him.

Sam frowned, and then got angry

“That asshole!”

“Sam… it’s okay.” I whispered.

“Gwen! He called you that… if his dad wasn’t a teacher he’d get suspended not Elliot!”

“We don’t even know what’s gonna happen… besides you have bigger things to worry about. Wes knows…. And its my fault.”

Sam sighed,

“I wish I could of told him.. It’s okay Gwen. Besides we got Aliens to find together.” He says trying to encourage me.

I smiled widely

“Aliens!” I said while flapping excitedly. Did I even want to tell him about the dream…. It could all just be stress related after all.

Sam smiled,

“Yeah after I’m done hanging out with West… we’re gonna find some aliens… I gotta go talk to the coach okay.”

I nodded before happily flapping, but part of me was still concerned. What in the hell did that dream mean?