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Kel and Alanna Thoughts

So I’ve always thought that if Kel and Alanna were pages at the same time they would have disliked each other. I suspect strongly that Kel would have really disapproved of the way Jon and his friends used his/their privilege to break rules and get away with stuff. I think that Kel would have big problems with being friends with a thief. And I think the more immature angry Alanna would have been hard for Kel to relate to. Also, I think quiet, well-behaved Kel would have not been very interesting to Alanna as a friend.

It makes sense that Alanna likes Kel as as adult; Alanna is more mature and her youthful transgressions are behind her. And of course Kel idolizes adult Alanna. I’m just saying that if they were both youths at the same their personalities would have clashed (IMHO). That’s not a bad thing, I think it makes them complex and interesting characters.

Anyone else have thoughts about this?