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David Fincher's Netflix Drama 'Mind Hunter' Finds Its Star
'Lights Out' alum Holt McCallany joins 'Fringe's' Anna Torv and 'Looking's' Jonathan Groff.

The project is based on the 1996 book Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit by John Douglas and Mark Olshanker. While specific details about the drama are being kept under wraps in typical Fincher fashion, the series is said to revolve around two FBI agents in 1979 who interview serial killers in an effort to help them solve current murders. McCallany will play Bill Tench, the inquisitive, skilled and forward-thinking detective. He joins a cast that also includes Fringe alum Anna Torv as Wendy, a psychologist, and Jonathan Groff (Looking) as Holden, one of the special agents.

Never heard of this show before, but its interesting to note that John Douglas was helpful to Thomas Harris when he was writing his books and consulted on Silence of the Lambs. Some details in Douglas’ life have made their way into the Hannibal universe and he is often cited as the inspiration for Jack Crawford. But most interesting to me as a TV!fannibal is that, while on location hunting the Green River Killer, Douglas nearly died from undiagnosed encephalitis.

Got it!

Per la serie

Sì, è vero, su Hannibal c’è sempre da riflettere, anche dopo tre anni, ma certe volte non è che ci devi proprio riflettere, è solo che io sono lenta.


It’s hard to translate, it’s something like:

And now for: Yes, you can always find new things to analyse in Hannibal, even after three years, but sometimes there’s nothing to analyse it’s just that I’m dumb…


 I just understood that

 It’s a joke in the joke since the lambs should be all silent.


 It’s not you Hannibal, it’s me. Your jokes are wonderful.

But it’s funnier now.


Did you like it, Clarice?

taycake-sandwitch  asked:

Your lion drawing is making me think of the lion king and all I can think about is black and blue singing to "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?". Lance and Shiro can see them and Lance says "BEYONCE?!" XD I love the way you draw the lions very cute and cuddly looking.

Then while the other lions joined in as back up singers and both Blue and Black reenact certain scenes from the movie as they performed the duet, Lance sings along while he dragged Shiro into the room to dance~<333 Thank you for this wonderful ask, providing reminders such as Beyonce is everyone’s queen and next she’s going to reawaken my weird ass crush for Nala(yes, I think the lion’s hot, okay) when the movie’s released. Congrats, Tay: now I’m just thinking of Bleu being the actual cast and has the voice of Beyonce(???). 

Hannibal inner monologue

Hopkins: wow…I can’t believe how much smarter and betterer I am…oh howdy doody am I a lucky guy…..only he who looked upon Jesus could be any luckier….wowza

Mikkelsen: cock cock cock cock cock cock cock cock cock cock cock cock cock cock cock cock cock cock cOCK

Novel: why the fuck did I smoke cocaine and fuck Mason last night wHY THE FUCK DID I DO THAT I HATE MY STUPID LIFE AAAAAAAAAAAAAA