In SOTL there’s this minor thing that makes me go crazy.

Jack looks at Clarice dealing with the victim’s body, the way she cares about the dead woman, and he thinks

Clarice Starling had a special relationship to her (the victim)

This is the opposite to what Will does.

He takes the killer’s point of view, Clarice the victim’s.

It’s like no matter what powers ponies in Jack’s stable have, they always end up being charmed by Hannibal.  

David Fincher's Netflix Drama 'Mind Hunter' Finds Its Star
'Lights Out' alum Holt McCallany joins 'Fringe's' Anna Torv and 'Looking's' Jonathan Groff.

The project is based on the 1996 book Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit by John Douglas and Mark Olshanker. While specific details about the drama are being kept under wraps in typical Fincher fashion, the series is said to revolve around two FBI agents in 1979 who interview serial killers in an effort to help them solve current murders. McCallany will play Bill Tench, the inquisitive, skilled and forward-thinking detective. He joins a cast that also includes Fringe alum Anna Torv as Wendy, a psychologist, and Jonathan Groff (Looking) as Holden, one of the special agents.

Never heard of this show before, but its interesting to note that John Douglas was helpful to Thomas Harris when he was writing his books and consulted on Silence of the Lambs. Some details in Douglas’ life have made their way into the Hannibal universe and he is often cited as the inspiration for Jack Crawford. But most interesting to me as a TV!fannibal is that, while on location hunting the Green River Killer, Douglas nearly died from undiagnosed encephalitis.


female awesome meme | [1/10] female characters who deserve better
«I don’t know. I didn’t have any food, any water and it was very cold, very cold. I thought, I thought if I could save just one, but… he was so heavy. So heavy. I didn’t get more than a few miles when the sheriff’s car picked me up. The rancher was so angry he sent me to live at the Lutheran orphanage in Bozeman. I never saw the ranch again.»

Thoughts about S4 and SOTL - this time I'm serious

This must be my serious period. It won’t last, but since I have all this seriousness to let out…

I already knew something about it, but now that I’m reading SOTL I’m finding more and more lines and dialogues that make Clarice and Will one person.

I personally like it. In the TV Show it makes even more sense, because Will is not drunk in Florida with a face that looks like a Picasso, we know that, Will is the most important relationship in Hannibal’s life and I like that the feelings Hannibal expresses for Clarice in the book are referred to Will in the show.

That’s why I’d rule out the possibility of seeing Clarice in season 4. I’m ok with that, I think that Bryan already gave us a lot of great female characters, I’d be happier with a close-up on murder husbands in season 4.


If Clarice shows up, I’d love something like… She knows who Will and Hannibal are - well, obviously - she starts to investigate on them and on the video left behind by the Dragon and when she finds them in Cuba - I don’t know anything about FBI jurisdiction, so don’t ask me how - all becomes a discussion between Hannibal and Will ,because the first wants to kill her and the latter doesn’t.


Buffalo Bill is the new interesting killer Jack is trying to catch with Clarice’s help.

Will and Hannibal follow the news from Cuba and then make their return to lurk around the investigation to have the chance to kill Buffalo Bill.

I like this very much. But I don’t know if the Jack we know will continue his work with the FBI. I hope so.       


We know how many grudges Hannibal holds.

Will leads him to Cuba because he wants to kill Chilton, Alana, Jack…

This can have its elements of ridiculousness, but I’d actually like them constantly talking about who they can or can’t kill.

And they never agree, obviously.


I find in SOTL a lot of Jack’s lines, speaking to Clarice, that are obvious references on how Will’s mind worked. And it’s like Jack is trying to train Clarice to become Will, because actual Clarice’s words

Will Graham was the keenest hound ever to run in Crawford’s pack, was a legend at the Academy.

Jack (to Clarice):Maybe you’ve got a knack for this. (referring to Buffalo Bill) You think about him enough, you see where he’s been, you get a feel for him, you don’t even dislike him all the time, hard as that is to believe.

I mean… This Jack is talking about our Will, and it’s great. The Jack of SOTL doesn’t deal with a Will in love with Dr. Lecter, but in this line it’s like he’s talking exactly about our Will and how he fell for Hannibal.

This makes me think about a part in Season 4 in which Jack could desperately try to find someone who thinks how Will thinks. And to him maybe Clarice seems the right candidate.

But this is too weak. And also useless.

I don’t know, I’m burning with ideas because in SOTL there’s so much of the TV show that you think constantly about how that reference could be used in another season.

Hope to hear what you think.

More SotL

Ok, I’m officially into SotL heart and soul.

Clarice goes to the Smithsonian to identify the insect found in the victim’s mouth. The interesting thing in this scene is what one of the experts says to Clarice.

There’s a moth, more than one in fact, that lives only on tears.

Then he adds

The old definition of moth was ‘anything that gradually, silently eats, consumes, or wastes any other thing.’ It was a verb for destruction too…

And at night Clarice thinks

Over this odd world, this half the world that’s dark now, I have to hunt a thing that lives on tears.


So, aside from that thing about tears that reminds me of Mason -and I think is not a case- maybe Bryan already said something about it, you probably know more than me, or can ask Bryan, I like even more the idea of Buffalo Bill being in S4. As a former Hannibal’s patient.

Will finds out, looks at Hannibal and says    You and moths, what the fuck is your problem? How many times did you speak about moths and chrysalis and cocoons with that guy? Did you take him to your castle to see your collection?


Clarice: Did you do the drawings on your walls, Doctor?

Hannibal: Do you think I called in a decorator?

SOTL is gold.

I’m laughing like mad, because peevish doesn’t even begin to describe Hannibal.

Bryan did a wonderful job, I’m constantly amazed by it even after many rewatches, but the idea of Hannibal, the original, is something out of the world. When you can depict a character just by dialogues, that character is strong.

Yoda the wise Cigar Buddha is Back

I had a few requests (which baffles me, but I am glad you all see the humor in My Yoda Buddha).

 So with yet more snow hitting us in the North East, a decision must be made, what cigar goes well with snow removal… well Yoda has chosen this CAO GO Brazil, it is hardy, it is well constructed and can stand up to most anything and can take a beating while you do what you must, it does what it does best Taste great!

Be safe and heed Cigar Yoda’s wise choice