Leaked Emails Claim Snyder Administration Withheld Lead Testing Results
Snyder has denied he improperly delayed the release of lead testing results in city schools conducted in October.

In emails obtained by The Flint Journal, local health officials in Flint accuse the administration of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder ® of withholding the results of lead testing in the city’s schools before making them public.

NO CHARGES: Snyder’s Own Task Force Found He’s “Fundamentally Accountable”

We don’t charge Wealthy White Republicans for Crimes Against Humanity, We Charge Other People for Lesser Crimes!

This is when Vigilante Justice Looks REAL Appealing!


“I see a vision of a great rucksack revolution thousands or even millions of young Americans wandering around with rucksacks, going up to mountains to pray, making children laugh and old men glad, making young girls happy and old girls happier, all of ‘em Zen Lunatics who go about writing poems that happen to appear in their heads for no reason and also by being kind and also by strange unexpected acts keep giving visions of eternal freedom to everybody and to all living creatures.”
― Gary Snyder
Breaking: Michigan House Passes Religious 'License To Discriminate' Bill

Michigan House Republicans just passed a religious “license to discriminate” bill, which would allow anyone to refuse service to anyone and claim their “religious beliefs” require them to discriminate.

Why is NOBODY talking about the bill that just passed in Michigan? It’s horrible, and just another way for the Michigan government to systematically oppress the LGBT community.

“For example, under the Religious Freedom law, a pharmacist could refuse to fill a doctor’s prescription for birth control, or HIV medication. An emergency room physician or EMT could refuse service to a gay person in need of immediate treatment. A school teacher could refuse to mentor the children of a same-sex couple, and a DMV clerk could refuse to give a driver’s license to a person who is divorced.”

I’m tired of being a second class citizen. No wonder that LGBT people are fleeing Michigan.

I have severe asthma and other medical conditions that might need immediate care. I could easily die because of this bill.