tbh I’ll lose my shit no matter what shitty’s real name ends up being. like if it’s just brad i’ll lose it. brian. brady. ben. i’ll fuckin lose it. like it’s such a Big Deal that no one knows his real name that i’m gonna lose it just bc i’ll finally know and can rest in peace.


Some things that Joyce Flint, mother of Jeffrey Dahmer, wrote in his son’s baby book:

First birthday: May 21 1961. Party at our apartment. Decorations, streamers, balloons, flowers, hats.
First word: Ma-ma.
First phrase: Up pease.
Christmas: Lionel played Santa. Jeff loved him! Touched his beard, fat tummy..Gave him kiss and hug.

Milwaukee, 1960 - Squirrel comes to eat outside our window. Jeff laughs when mom calls the squirrel with a clicking sound.
July 24 1966: When we told Jeff he was going to be a brother he was so excited! One day out of the blue he said “Thank you for all the good things you do for me and thank you for having that baby in your tummy.” Every so often he pats me on the tummy so, he says “the baby will know it has a brother”. Every time we lay and talk in the morning, or just have conversation during the day, he says “let’s talk about babies”.
October 1966: Moved to Doylestown, Ohio. Jeff is making progress but moving has left its mark. Jeff has a new puppy and calls her Frisky. We hope she can help him adjust to a new home, school and friends. He is definite that the new baby must be a boy, so he can play with him. Girls are sissy, I guess.                            

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