Armor base for Eliksni Guardians. This was something I drew up as the base for all the armor-sets I was planning on drawing for “The Reclaimed” fan concept.

Alas, time got away from me (and laziness and procastination nuzzled up to me) so I only have the (prototype) Perfected SIVA armor seen below.

if you’d like to use this base to design your own armor sets, feel free!

In the beginning of worship, at the conclusion of the rite, in the offering of water, in the anointing of the image, in the bathing of the image, in the offering of light, in the sprinkling of the image with sandal, in the bathing of the image with consecrated liquids, in the offering of incense, in the act of worship, and in all other things to be done, the Sivacharya should strike the great bell.

Karana Agama