“Secondary batteries of an American cruiser formed this pattern of smoke rings as guns from the warship blasted at the Japanese on Makin Island in the Gilberts before U.S. forces invaded the atoll on November 20, 1943.”


Star Sign Pairings


Bromance: Aquarius x Capricorn

<3: Aquarius x Pisces

OTP: Aquarius x Aries


Bromance: Pisces x Cancer

<3: Pisces x Aries

OTP: Pisces x Aquarius


Bromance: Aries x Leo

<3: Aries x Pisces & Aries x Aquarius

OTP: Aries x Scorpio


Bromance: Taurus x Capricorn

<3: Taurus x Virgo

OTP: Taurus x Cancer


Bromance: Gemini x Libra

<3: Gemini x Aquarius

OTP: Gemini x Sagittarius


Bromance: Cancer x Virgo

<3: Cancer x Taurus

OTP: Cancer x Pisces


Bromance: Leo x Aries

<3: Leo x Pisces

OTP: Leo x Libra


Bromance: Virgo x Cancer

<3: Virgo x Capricorn & Virgo x Taurus

OTP: Virgo x Libra


Bromance: Libra x Gemini

<3: Libra x Leo & Libra x Virgo

OTP: Libra x Scorpio


Bromance: Scorpio x Capricorn

<3: Scorpio x Sagittarius & Scorpio x Libra

OTP: Scorpio x Aries


Bromance: Sagittarius x Aquarius

<3: Sagittarius x Scorpio

OTP: Sagittarius x Gemini


Bromance: Capricorn x Taurus & Capricorn x Aquarius

<3: Capricorn x Virgo

OTP: Capricorn x Scorpio

Lets talk about shipping...

Ok so, I love shipping. I think it’s amazing. It lets you fantasize about people (real or fictional) being in a relationship, and can inspire some really creative writing… But the problem I have with it is, what happens when your otp goes canon? What then? Do you find a new ship to be your otp? Do you just live happily knowing that your otp is canon? Do you always live in fear that your canon otp will break up and end in the worst way possible? I love to ship, and I always would like my otp to be canon, but what will I do if it ever goes canon? I don’t know, probably die from happiness and sadness at the same time. 

While on the topic of shipping, I wanna talk about fictional shipping. I love it, but then I absolutely hate it. I love it because it gives me another ship to ship, but I hate it because IT’S ALL FAKE! It’s all scripted and they are being told to act a certain way around each other and look a certain way at each other! It’s completely life-shattering, knowing that it is you who cannot decide to make the ship canon on a tv show, but it is the one(s) who wrote the script. While yes, on the other hand, you cannot MAKE a reality ship canon either, but it gives you a sense of joy to know that when the two look at each other it is in fact, real love behind those eyes (sometimes). I told my friend about this predicament  and this is what she said 

“Like Phan, when they look at each other all the feelings are real and you can see them *not necessarily ‘love’ love* and like the little things they do are so real and amazing. But with fiction its like the director told them to do that, or look like that, it’s like EW STAHP. Butttt Some times cast members do fall in love irl and that’s amazing like yas yas yassss. Or they pick ppl that are actually married, so that’s atleast a little real. But with any ship rlly what do you do when cannon. Just like wow My life is complete. Or do you still ship even if they’re married, like counting down days till babies, Buying their first house…etc”

Please tell me, me and my friend aren’t the only ones who think this.