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  • shadowhunters episode 1: okay maybe they're not the best actors but hopefully they'll get better
  • shadowhunters episode 9: what the fuck guys can you tone it down a little bit this is getting too real and it's breaking my heart

Robert Downey Jr.I feel about Jude, the way Sherlock feels about John. You know, I just love the guy. We’re like brothers. The funny thing too is: we have this very gentlemanly relationship with each other where we kind of show up and set up shop and then work our asses off. And tear through fights and work through scenes and have this incredibly close relationship. And like good, I’ll speak for him, trained actors, you know. And I kind of learned it by proxy. You just turn it off at the end of the day. Go back to your life. And then come in and do it again in the morning. So there’s very much the sense of he and I are like roommates in this big trial. Because it’s always a bear getting through all of the different crucibles that it takes to try to get something like this right. So I just couldn’t ask for a better partner.

anonymous asked:

What do you think Nicole is upset about?

What indeed, anon, what indeed…

I have my theories. 2 of them to be exact, neither of which I’m discussing publicly cause one of my new years resolutions is to be slightly less trash than I was this past year, and I feel like I should get an early start. ;) 

I’m assuming we’re all thinking the same thing though. Like. Yall know me. You know what I’m thinking. Come on now.