#neal said the best thing thats happened right when august first showed up and spoke to him #so showing tha jail scene when he wasnt responsible is rude

They’re all future events. It’s basically a gifset showing how Neal and August say one thing and then do another.

August calls himself a guardian angel and then chooses to completely abandon Emma for 10 years. He steals the money that was left to her and goes on a binge, not showing up again until his leg starts turning to wood (“I gotta get her to break the curse to stop what’s happening to me”). That is a far cry from a guardian angel. His motives are completely selfish.

Neal claims that he’s the best thing to ever happen to Emma, despite the fact that she’s ‘robbing convenience stores’ with him and cleaning up after his botched robbery. He then conspires to have her sent to jail, for her own good (which I will never understand). He may say he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to her, but from Emma’s perspective, he turns out to be the worst. She loses her freedom, her son, her hope and her trust.

August insists that he’ll be there for Emma and yet she never meets him until he turns up in SB. He was too busy getting drunk and laid in Phuket. He showed up when it suited him, when he needed her, when his leg started to turn into wood. He did absolutely nothing for her except leave her a key chain and a car, both of which were actually gifts from Neal. So, really he did nothing except send her to jail and steal her money.

And finally Neal says that he could move on ‘if Emma was okay’ – But he never checked. He took the word of Pinocchio (PINOCCHIO – the boy who lies) and trusted that she would be okay. And the instant that he finds out where she is he doesn’t even bother to wait and see if she breaks the curse, he immediately starts dating Tamara. In fact he doesn’t even ask if she’s okay, he just shows concern for his own interests - “If she breaks the curse my father’s gonna remember who he is and come looking for me”.  That’s it.

I should have added the ‘Then leave her’ ‘ Never’ quote too because…well, we all know how that turned out.