You’re everything I ever dreamed and more

Note: this exists in a post season 1 universe where they have discovered each other’s identities and they know the other knows, but they haven’t had a lot of time to process/discuss it with each other yet. Hopefully pure fluff. 

The first akuma fight after they had discovered each other’s identities happened on a Thursday. It wasn’t awkward, per se, but it was not the smooth coordinated attack Paris had come to expect from its heroes. Chat Noir would turn to suggest a strategy and find Ladybug already scrutinizing him with an awed, yet disbelieving look on her face. Chat in turn would be distracted by the fact that his Lady had been his classmate (Marinette!) this whole time, just a few meters away. The akuma would take advantage of their distraction and suddenly the whole fight was taking twice as long as it should have.

As soon as the glow from the Miraculous HealingTM had faded and they had their celebratory fistbump, Ladybug smiled and threw out her yo-yo to dash home.

“Wait—” Chat started at the same time as it hit Ladybug for the 64th time that day. “Oh,” her yo-yo fell clattering against the side of the building, “right.”

The only sound that followed was the whir of her yo-yo as it wound up. A blush crept onto Ladybug’s cheeks and Chat’s hand found the back of his neck.

Her earrings beeped and her hand jerked protectively before descending. She smiled and only his years of knowing her (in costume and out!) told him that it was a brave face for show. “Well, there’s no need to hide I guess. Want to sit?”

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@theonewithwaytoomanyfandoms tagged me months ago, but here I am finally responding! 

Rules: List 10 books that have touched your life in some way. They can be anything, and there is no right or wrong answer. Tag 10 people including the person who tagged you. 

  1.  The Redwall Series. One of my first obsessions, this series taught me so much about being a warrior, it got me into writing, and it also introduced me to the fandom life in general via the Redwall Wiki. 
  2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians and associated series.
  3. Dogger. A (British?) children’s book that was one of the first books I ever loved.
  4. Half the Church. Inspired by Half the Sky (another great book everyone should read), this is a book all Christians should read about how women’s role in the church and how Christianity isn’t and shoudn’t be used as an oppressor of women. 
  5. Half the Sky. Hard to read at times, but educational and still inspirational despite it all.
  6. Lord of the Rings. Fun fact: I didn’t actually read the series until halfway through college at which point is what like meeting an old friend as an adult since I grew up with the movies and Battle for Middle-Earth II. 
  7.  Peter Pan-related works such as Peter and the Starcatchers. I think it’s the flying and never growing up that keep the magic for me. 
  8. The Magic Treehouse books. Such a key part of my childhood, learning facts and travelling through time and space with Jack and Annie. 
  9. Chronicles of Narnia
  10. Eloise Jarvis McGraw and her historical fiction. Her works made up the bulk of my history curriculum in 6th grade and are actually one of the reasons I love historical fiction.

This is a great self-reflective and educational exercise if you choose to do it: @nightfury4batlock@thegoldensoundtwice, @other-romantic-verbs, @mavenrookuniverse, @madasabedsheet, @jensen-cackles-ackles, @ladyoftheshield, @queerseth, @th3gh0stwr1ter and anyone else who wants to do it!

It’s annoying when people from Segerstrom are like “Oh, you know Danny (Juggy, to make him happy)/ Anthony/ Kenny?!” as if like they’ve known them their whole lives and I’m not allowed to know them or something. It’s just like yeah fucker, I’ve known them since I was l eight…idk why it bugs me so much, idk why it happens so much! They’re too popular or something haha. Idk, it’s just annoying because I feel like maybe because I’m a certain way, people think I can’t hang out with some one different or something…