No sé mucho acerca de relaciones. Definitivamente, no sé nada sobre el amor, no puedo creer que hable como si lo hiciera. No lo hago. Todo lo que quiero, en el mundo, es tan sólo seguir hablando contigo. Quiero saber cómo estuvo tu día, dónde te apetece comer, quiero discutir contigo y quiero oír todas tus teorías, incluso aquellas que estén completamente, ya sabes, equivocadas. Y sé que no es tan simple. No lo sé, sólo pienso.. No, realmente pienso que si tan sólo desearas continuar teniendo esta conversación conmigo, entonces podríamos descifrar el resto
—  The first time
is it still not obvious

that Stelena is endgame? I mean really now. All the parallels they’ve given us between SE and DE show DE trying to live up to SE’s epic scenes/feats and failing. The cell, the compulsion, the first I love you. The best and worst choices she’s ever made. I mean the parallels alone should do it for you.

But on top of that, we have everyone using Stefan to calm Elena down or bring Elena back. Like in “Pictures of You”, Elena wouldn’t dance with Damon and repeatedly rejected his attempts of using “their love” to make her feel again. But you could see when Stefan tried to bring her back, when he danced with her, the way she looked at him.. You could see it in her eyes that what he was doing was working. And when he held her hand and she wrapped her fingers around his, not fighting it. She looked at him the same way she did in season 3 when Stefan dipped her and brought her back up. There’s just so much evidence just in that episode.

Then when Elena turned on her humanity again (don’t say “wow Damon made her flip it, not Stefan” because I understand that but it was only because if it were Stefan doing the snapping she wouldn’t believe it. because she knows Damon is actually unpredictable and has tendencies to kill her loved ones lol), she was breaking down. she couldn’t control her grief and anger and guilt, it all rushed in at once. When Damon tried to help comfort her, she tossed him aside. But when Stefan did, he knew just how to help her and he calmed her down, bringing her back from her crazy emotions that Damon so cowardly shoved away by turning off her humanity.

On the same idea of Stefan always being the one to bring Elena back from the edge of her crazed emotions, we have the scene in season 5. All Elena could think about was killing Damon. Damon told Elena she would have to think of something stronger than her need to kill him. What’d Damon say to quell her desire to kill him? Not “fight it because you love me”. No, he knew. He said to think of Stefan. He prompted her to think of him to calm her down. And. It. Worked. Why couldn’t he have used himself? Because it wouldn’t have worked. It already wasn’t enough when Elena kept saying all she could think about was killing him. Not loving him.

So, say all you want about the show being DE fighting against the odds. No, the show is about SE overcoming it all because their love is so strong. They’re it for eachother.

Fic: Not the one he has.

Pairings : Sara Ellis x Neal Caffrey (mention of Rebecca)

Note : Okay so this fic is anti-rebecca so you’ve been warned. Don’t read if you ship them. Because this is, once again, an anti-rebecca fic. Believe me I don’t have anything against Rebecca. I love her, I think she’s adorable, I just ship Neal x Sara too hard, and this idea has been in my mind for some time so I need to write it. And oh I wrote this in Neal POV and maybe not too much Sara, but it still Neal x Sara fic, so enjoy!

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