September 25th, 2016

Dear diary,


We’ve still got trouble with the clothing and the flowers and the venue and who to invite, and WHEN, and the food - and most importantly, THE MOTTO. The theme. The atmosphere. I’m freaking out about this! I always thought a motto for a wedding would be cool on the one hand, but weird on the other, and I have no idea what to do now and Richard is just as indecisive as I am.

I want a Star Trek wedding. Or space, in general. Everything is decorated like a starship, and the Captain and the Science Officer get married. :D

Babe, but we both know we’d be arguing about who would be captain… D:

Hm, true enough… But it would be cool. Space sounds, stargazing… The costumes!

What about a nature wedding, in the forest, with lots of animals and flowers and well, just a peaceful atmosphere?

Sounds lovely… but it might happen we would get lost on the way to the ceremony. What do you think of a spy wedding? With episodes of Spooks and Berlin Station in the background and we have to go on missions to find the buffet and -

No. Just no. I wanna have fun on my wedding day and not solve difficult riddles and shoot things. D:

Mmmh… alright. I get the point… Hm…

What about a Vampire style? *hisssss*

Only over my dead body…

Hmmm… I won’t comment that :P

But… What if we call Pete and borrowed our old Hobbit outfits and do a Middle-earth wedding? With all our friends as their respective characters and we’ll re-enact your Thorin-actually-does-love-Thranduil background story you wrote!

Sorry babe, but as soon as I’ll have my dwarven boots on I’d fall over. And just think how long it would take for me to get Thorin’s voice back - I could never do the vows without it!

But we could do it just classic? You and me in a suit and the rest of the guests in fine clothes? Thus we don’t have to prepare a lot and we can still think about some games or tasks because everything is freestyle :D

That sounds good actually! And nobody can do something wrong :D And you look just gorgeous in your fine suits! :D

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Just like you! :D

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