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Tips for New LNC Fans

-it’s okay if you can’t tell their voices apart. You’ll catch on. Trust me, I thought I’d never be able to tell Russ and Jund apart but now they’re totally different voices to me.

-don’t say batman. You know what I’m talking about. Don’t do it.

-Cry and Cheyenne are happily dating. Get over it.

-Russ and Red aren’t dating. Don’t bring it up.

-Snake and Jund were never dating. Don’t harass them about it.

-Don’t ask about PewDiePie??? Like there’s no hard feelings between them but he’s not on the stream??? Why would you ask about him just watch the damn game.

-if you subscribe and your name makes Cry or anyone on the stream uncomfortable, he doesn’t have to say it out loud.

-Cry’s not gonna show his face. Ever. Shut up.

-Scott Jund’s tumblr is not for the faint-of-heart.

-draw fanart! Write fanfics! Make friends in the fandom! There’s a really bad part, but the rest of us are super nice!

-Fuck you. Welcome to the Leppy.


What’s a Zine?
A Zine is a cheap, non-commercial and small distribution magazine usually with a specific subject, in this one Late Night Crew is the theme.

What do I expect to see in this Zine?
Mostly illustrations, comics and fanfics.

Will this be printed?
Yes! and that’s why I’m starting the inscription super early so everything goes smooth as possible. It will A4 of size (8.268 x 11.693 inches), I expect it to have at least from 40 to 60 pages and full color.
I hope to print at least 100 of them and profits will go to charity.

What do you need for me?
I need you to make art! illustrations, painting, photography, comics, fanfics, anything creative is accepted and everyone is accepted!!

What happens if not everyone fits in the Zine?
eaaasy! I’ll distribute two version, the printed version and the digital version.

What’s the plan with the dates?
Deadline to sign in: July 23th
Ideal date to announce the participant of the zine: July 24th
Deadline to send the artwork: September 17th
Pre-order starts: September 20th
Expected date to start shipping: October 18th (international mail can take from 2 to 1 week to ship, that’s why so early)

What about the digital version?
The digital version will be distributed on October 31th

Do you have some social network where I can keep up with the process of this Zine?
Yes! the official twitter www.twitter.com/LNCzine

So yeah, here are the rules about the art permitted on this zine:

-The art has to be only related to the Late Night Crew members, that includes official members, special invited, mods and DnD characters.
-No pornographic content, we need to keep this PG enough.
-Any kind of art is permitted, crafts (a photography of it at least), illustration, fanfic, comics, photography, fanfics, traditional art, digital art. Be creative.
-If someone makes some kinda of video or music I’ll make sure to add a QR code so people can go check it out.
-No shipping unless is canon couples. No Jund x Snake or Cry x Russ kissing for example.
-Use your own art! I don’t want to see other people’s art manipulated on a pic or a video.
-The art has to be totally new! You can’t post the piece after some time of the Zine is sold out and distributed digitally.
-The best quality for a printed art is 3169x4271px 300dpi, but I’ll be sure to send you a template so you get the size right and nothing get cut. If you can’t reach this quality, no worries! your art will go to the Digital version.


The Late Night Crew Drinking Game

It’s small, but it’s what I could think of off the top of my head.

Take a drink if Cry tries to sing
*Take a shot if someone else sings

Take a drink if Russ makes a bad pun or does the Moe laugh ((then find some object of protection to keep near you))

Take a drink if Snake speaks ((D&D nights excluded))

Take a drink if Cheyenne wins.

Take a drink if Jund complains about what game they are playing

Take a drink if someone is missing.

Take a shot if TotalBiscuit, Minx, Krism, or Spoon show up
*Take a drink if Cry needs them for tech support

Take a drink if a member of the group mentions the chat members are whining

Take a shot if it’s been thirty minutes and they still aren’t playing a game
*Take another if it’s due to computer or game issues

Take a drink if someone gets gamer rage
*Take a shot if it’s not Cry or Cheyenne

Take two shots if Cry’s team wins at ShellShock
*Finish your drink if Cry survives to the end

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I posted the lineart on twitter yesterday, but here is the colored ver

I had this dream where I was playing one of those RPG pixel games, and these guys were the boss battles. The designs really stuck in my head and I sketched them out as soon as I woke up so I don’t forget.

There was this general theme of everyone wearing masks, which I really liked, and I think the idea was that every mask came with specific themed powers, so instead of upgrading weapons or armor, all you had to worry about was how to strategically use the masks you could collect in order to beat areas.

One thing I remember as well was that there was some evil shit going on (as per usual in video games) that corrupted mask wearers, so I had to go around and beat the evil out of people. 

In game, I remember encountering Russ first, but he didn’t attack; instead he gleefully visited me during the game, as I beat other areas and the bosses and would comment on my progress (in order, I went against Cheyenne, Jund and Snake respectfully), and before I reached the final boss (Cry), he would try to stop me from fighting him, and if I refused, that’s when I finally got to fight Russ.

All in all, I woke up and was really confused when I realized that I hadn’t played an actual game; that I only dreamed it. It was so very detailed.

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i did a picture for @scottjund i bet hes not going to see it because he hardly goes on tumblr :v but i hope you like it either way! and other people who come across this post! I think he’s a funny dude but a sick sometimes but still funny and entertaining you could see his stream called, well…Scott jund