I know this is basically a glorified picture of my half eaten corn dog, but he is just the cutest thing I’ve ever payed eyes on!😍 I loved hanging out at the rodeo and being kids at the carnival. Thank you for letting me spend money on games I swore I’d smoke you on and failing miserably.. at least you won me a cat! I had so much fun today, despite the quarter sized blisters, it felt like I was on my first date with my best friend❤

In what grade do we stop believing in ourselves? In what grade do we stop believing period? Someone has to be a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Someone has to be a ballerina. Why can’t it be us?

Carson Phillips (Chris Colfer), Struck by Lightning (2012)

I rewatched this movie in honour of Chris’s birthday and it really hit me how much of an under-appreciated genius he is, Carson and Chris. 

Happy birthday, Chris! <3

sirbartonslady  asked:

I don't know anything about tabletop RPGs and that stuff, so I'll just go with what I know. You're totes a Commando a la FFXIII cuz you launch shit into orbit. Or in the DQ universe, you'd totes be Armamentalist because SWORDS AND SORCERY or else a merchant because YOUR TAGS ARE AMAZING. In Fire Emblem, i see you as a wyvern rider because RIDING DRAGONS FUCK YEAH. IDK am i doing it right?

neither do I tbh, besides the generic stuff that everyone else probably knows. Commando a la FFXIII like Lightning right? also I had to google ‘Armamentalist’ and it also calls it Magic Knight, which sounds SUPER COOL. Iol I have no brains for business though, BUT DRAGON RIDER YES GOOD I LIKE THIS 10/10.