I’m sad my phone died during my date last night but I met Blue at the mall and he took me to get my first clutch. I’m not really a purse person so he had to measure the dimensions of the Ralph Lauren bag to see if my surface pro would fit in it. He said I was his cheapest date ever. I only blew a grand but I live in a small town (literally only have one mall) and the selections aren’t that great. He’s going to take me out of town next time to go shopping so I could pick out better items. After we had drinks he filled my new clutch with $2.5k and kissed me on the forehead. He’s absolutely head over heels for me and is even thinking about being exclusive but doesn’t mind if I see other people which is so perfect. Thank you Sugar Gods. 👏


The roses and dinner from Mr. Blue he’s super sweet and only wants to see me twice a month because he has other babies to see. He also has a shipping addiction I’m going to take advantage of.


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