For my queens asking for advice on requesting a gift from a pot. Stay elegant, have your words ready to explain yourselves with class and eloquence. Ask a friend, we are in this together.

This is straight from ho tactics, with asking for a small gift and gauging how generous they are with hwo cheap or extravagant that gift may be. Good luck sugaring my queens.

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hello ! im a transboy trying to get out of a toxic, abused raised home by October. As a child I had to deal with a unloving father who would verbally and physically abuse me and my mother, leaving me with visibly large bruises and scars. Time and time again I would forgive him and try to have a father/child connection I so longed for, only to result in more anger being took out on me. I grew up very unhappy and ended up with depression, this affected me greatly at school and hindered my studies. This went on until I was 12-years-old. My mother then got tired of this. We then fled to another city when my dad was at work, to avoid any physical fights, and with no plans on returning. There, we lived with my brother until we got on our feet. During this time I would receive phonecalls from him, hearing continuous threats and manipulation one after the other. From how he would put my mother in jail for NO apparent reason from how I was an abomination if I did not return to the house that mentally destroyed me. Several months later we then get a court date. I had say in what all went down. I was called a liar by my father even with two other witnesses and pictures of bruises. The Judge asked me if I wanted to still visit him, of course I didn't want to, but I was so scared of what he could do, what he would do. One week out of a month was settled. My mother was puzzled on why I still wanted visitation with him. I never told her the reason. Every visit after that resulted to more threats and manipulation, but the physical abuse had ceased. In 9th grade my depression got so horrid that I stopped attending public school. By then I wanted to commit suicide because I felt like I had no hope for my future. I had let the abuse drag me below negative. I then transferred into online homeschooling. I'm now 18. And back at the house that I never wanted to stay at again. All due to manipulation and being afraid by what he could do. When I moved back down here, the arguments were pointless, endless, back to back and day by day, still carrying on to this day. Majority of them all being root of how I was lying in court. How I'm the one in the wrong. And how my father was the victim. I'm still in highschool, being kept on a leash from due to my dad paying my school debt that I didn't ask him to pay. If I needed something small like a tooth brush or deodorant he would bring up the same excuse, "I paid 1,000 dollars for your school, why are you asking me for anything else." Or if I needed to go somewhere, "I do too much for you already." When he only gives me emotional heartache. The only thing he has done was that payment and nothing else in my life. I'm forced to eat his way. Which results in me not eating at all or eating once a day. When I ask for something that I'd like have from the store its always "You got money?" and nothing else. A small bologna sandwich will not keep me healthy. When my mother come visits me she does buy me food which I'm thankful for. But whenever she does, my dad ridicules what I eat, starting more pointless arguments; but then proceeds to eat whatever I have. I feel unsafe and threatened here. There have been talks from the past of him speaking horridly of gay and transgendered people. From how they should be killed off from how he would disown me or worse if he found out that I was of that category. I'm not at peace and will never feel comfortable here, with the past and knowing this. Thankfully I have a job as a host at Outback now. I'm able to get food from there and not starve as I did. I'm able to save a little money a place of my own, a car, transitioning and other important needs. Unfortunately its not enough for any of this and I'm completely stuck. The money that is donated will be placed towards moving away from my father and being able to be free of this toxic environment, the rest of my highschool education so I can be able to finally complete and receive my diploma, a decent car for transportation and back, and savings for my transitioning to finally be who I see myself as. Every little cent counts, and I'm thankful to whoever donates, thank you so much.

so i’m severely at a breaking point and I can’t be here any longer. 
i’ve been trying to push myself at work and possibly get two more jobs to help speed up the process but its too much on my health, I can’t drive and getting there would be even harder than now.

i’m tired of feeling insignificant and living at a place that has extreme negative effects on me.
i don’t like asking people for help but I really need it.

whoever donates $15 USD or more will get a drawing of a character/oc of their choice as a thank you if you’d like, some examples of my art style can be found here:

if you’re unable to donate, please, please share ! it will really mean the world to me, thank you  ;;

Sugar Baby Slang

I see a lot of aspiring sugar babies as well as newbies getting confused as to what some terms mean, so I decided to make a list :)

  • SB = sugar baby
  • SD = sugar daddy
  • SX = sugar world in general
  • POT = potential sugar daddy
  • Sugar = luxury, money, financial stability, being spoiled
  • Sugaring = being a sugar baby
  • Sugar bowl = the world of sugar babies and sugar daddies
  • Salt = the opposite of sugar; not having money, financial stability and luxury; not being spoiled
  • Allowance = a monthly (or weekly) gift provided by a sugar daddy to his sugar baby; usually money but also trips, shopping, clothing, shoes etc
  • Salty daddy = a man who pretends to be a sugar daddy but doesn’t want to give out money
  • Splenda = a man who genuinely wants to be a sugar daddy but doesn’t have the money 
  • Vanilla = real life
  • Vanilla job = a job that a sugar baby has outside the sugar life
  • Vanilla boyfriend = a man whom sugar baby dates outside the sugar life
  • Escort = a job similar to sugaring where one person provides companionship to the other in exchange for money; often including sex
  • Freestyle / freestyling = trying to meet a sugar daddy in real life (at a club for example), without any help of the internet
  • Trophy wife = a wife of a rich (often older) man, living in a luxury life in exchange for being showed off in public; often an ex-sugar baby

If there’s any more, let me know and I’ll add :)



The remaining tea for you #thirsty hos… A formal thank you to @porcelainchampagne for this info and @exoticsb for pointing out the images in her last photoset were stolen from @sugarchateau… GIRL BYE WITH THAT SHIT.