To all the girls who say, “I’d love to be a sugar baby, but I’m too too ______ or not ______ enough.”

All the more reason to get a sugar daddy!  The SD role is to improve a woman’s life…if you aren’t the person you want to be, find someone to help you become that woman!  

Your face, body, tattoos, race, religion, gender, sex, orientation, fitness level, and education aren’t holding you back…the moment you say, “but I’m not good enough” is the very moment you stomp on the brakes on your pursuit of happiness!  Start telling yourself how lucky any man would be to be graced with your attention, smile, and possibly even sexual affection!  

We are women….we are opulence, we are sexuality, we are extravagance…if you say/think you aren’t good enough for a man, either a) you’re being too modest…or b) you actually don’t deserve luxury (hey, you know yourself best right?) and aren’t doing anything to change your situation, you just say, “Well I’d love to, but I’m not good enough for that world.”

My point: 

You’re good enough for whatever world you make space for yourself in.  Make room for yourself in the world, because sure as hell, nobody else is going to do it for you!

i don’t know what’s funnier about this, the fact that he’s probably referring to the data for Mii Fighter, the idea of this probably 10 year old kid hacking into a cartridge and finding a ‘hidden character’, the sheer amount of exclamation points this dude uses, or the actual concept of playing as the announcer and the fact that he would just yell “ME”

this is a quality post

Be Financially Literate With Your Coins💰

It’s not about how much money you make, but how much money you keep. If you want to become rich you have to become financially literate. It means nothing to get an extensive allowance if you are spending it on frivolous items. You don’t put up with nonsense of these men/women to have nothing to show for it in the future years.

The more financially literate you become the better your money will work for you. I don’t care if you are getting $1,000 or $8,000 a month if you don’t have the financial competence to know how to manage your money you will have nothing in the end.

This doesn’t mean that you need to run out and enroll in college courses or pursue a MBA (unless you truly desire) but rather surround yourself with individuals who have built wealth or empires. Follow the guidelines/paths that made them successful. Read books on finances, go to financial seminars, or pick the brains of those high powered businessmen during dinner. The more you learn the more you are aware.

“The rich acquire assets. The poor and middle class acquire liabilities they think are assets. ”

I’m starting the “master cleanse” on  Monday.

It’s basically made to flush out your system. It’s famous because Beyonce has done this cleanse. All you need is a bottle of purified water with grade B organic maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and fresh lemon juice squeezed in it. That’s all you drink/eat. You can do this cleanse for about 40 days, I probably won’t do it that long so I’ll try to get to 10 days and if I can do that then I’ll shoot for 20. I’ve seen amazing results on this, and some people lose up to a pound a day (a lot of it’s water weight.) So have any of you ladies tried this? Was it sucessful? Let me know I’d love to hear how it worked out. I’ll probably post body pictures when I’m done to show the results :)

Heaux Fa Sho'...Ho Tactics and other Ho Reads

Pleased to see so many sb’s getting into the swing of things with reading one of my favorite heaux books, Ho Tactics. I have been telling girls to read this book since last summer, but I see some of you ladies just needed to experience the book on your own time. If you haven’t read the book I highly advise you read it. You don’t have to be a Sb to utilize the lessons within the book, honestly I feel all women should have this in their book collection. It is an authentic perspective on how men way too often view women and how to stay steps ahead of the games and manipulation that play.

I think I am most pleased because the book is actually written by a man and he doesn’t sugar coat anything (see what I did there lol). He also has another book called “Solving Single: How to Get the Ring and Not the Runaround”. That is also a great and informative read. If you still need more advice from this brilliant author go over to his blog blackgirlsareeasy.com. He has plenty of posts from dating, breakups, Ho tactics, relationships whatever. If you look close he also has added extra chapters that compliment his books. One is called “Dick Tactics” and runs about $5.99. I highly recommend you purchase and read this as well. If you are new to the sugar bowl, seasoned vet, or just getting back into the swing of the dating world you should read what he has to say. Over are the days of Steve Harvey sprinkling fairy dust in your eyes, get on board with G.L. Lambert a Ho Mentor lol.

Ho Tactics Review:

This is by far THE best book I have read in my life! It has literally opened my eyes to the way in which I have allowed myself to be treated by men and the way I treat them in return. This book has shown me that it is okay to accept my sexuality and not have to pussyfoot around the bush (no pun intended) in order to get what I need.

As a woman I do not think I have utilised the power that I have. This book has shown and taught me that it is okay to be overtly sexy and to also be submissive. I’m not sure where I picked up the knack for allowing men to treat me however they suite fit and constantly settling for less than I deserve but that’s a habit I have learned to stop with help from Ho Tactics.

It’s not a only a How-To guide with ‘Hoexamples’ it is a show of proof that I am not alone. There are thousands if not millions of other women in my position that have the utilities needed to achieve their goals and yet they do not use them. I have learned that I can and will get what I want, I just have to play it smarter than I have. Being a Ho comes naturally but being a Smart Ho is something I have to practice at.

I really recommend this book to any and all Sugar Babies. It has changed so many of my views and instilled in me a notion that was taught to me by a very smart and successful SB - “closed mouths don’t get fed.”


There is a guy on toronto SA by the name of anicetorontomen (I think he has probably changed it now) who’s real name is Alex Haditaghi. He has a strategy where he takes girls (usually ones who are naive and new to the sugar bowl) out to dinner and then afterwords invites them to his apartment (which is a HUGE NO NO-but  if you’re new you don’t really know). Gives you a tour that ends in his bedroom where he ‘just wants to cuddle’ He will tell you that nothing will happen and that you are in control and can trust him. He’ll take his pants off and rub himself against you saying he won’t go in but he will. He might even ask you to role play a rape fantasy. 

He manipulates his way into getting you to have sex with him. AND HE NEVER USES PROTECTION. GIRLS BE CAREFUL. 

usually he will ask how many guys you’ve been with and will tell you he’s been with 8. Every girl is number 8 to him. Do not believe a word this man says.

This same situation has happened to multiple girls so if you know him GET TESTED because this guy can’t be trusted. 

Also, he has gotten away with not giving an allowance/paying for months (rookie mistake on my end) and has made girls think they are his ‘exclusive’ spoiled gf while he continues to have unprotected sex with different girls. He will try to shame/guilt you if you want to accept cash from him. 

I called him out on it and when I grabbed his phone I saw multiple messages and pictures of many girls ID’s (what he does with them, idk???). This guy is a GOOD liar, he had me fooled for three months, so ladies PLEASE be careful and don’t let the same thing happen to you!

Feel free to reach out to me if you feel like you might have been in a similar situation <3