♪ Sakamichi No Apollon Network Application ♪

it’s finally here!! a network for the fans of the beloved anime kids on the slope, well, duh. 

 ♬ rules!! ♬

  • mbf the admin 
  • after youre accepted pls follow the network blog, or follow it when u apply it doesnt matter!!
  • gotta like sakamichi- thats a given
  • please read the rules on the network page
  • track the tag #sakamichinet for updates
  • reblog this post!!!

♭ how to apply ♭

  • send me, its-konoe, an non-anon ask containing: 
  1. your name
  2. why you want to join the network
  3. if you are willing to give me your skype name for a group chat
  4. and your email adress so i can add you as an member on the blog!

all the info i need for ur ‘about’ ill get from u after ure accepted righto

♩ perks ♩

  • friends who like sakamichi too!!
  • might get the tag moving again
  • people to share ur headcanons and love for sakamichi with
  • group skype chat w/ the jazziest kids on the block B)
  • we can play games like draw something and cards against humanity or whatever
  • more of this face in your life:

i will stop accepting applications when jazz hell freezes over, or just when the people stop sending them- have fun!!