also i saw two girls holding hands yesterday and i was so fuckin happy bc it was the first time i ever saw gays in public ?? which sounds weird but i live in a very small conservative town so like. yesterday was a good day and im a jealous gay

anonymous asked:

HOW do u feel when u see a fellow hairy legged girl bc DAM it makes me feel so Good im like YEs i am NOT alone i LOVE it

HONESTLY SAME like its so rare but its sooo magical when it happens. tbh im super hairy so even other hairy girls make me so happy whether or not they shave/wax/whatevs . like i see a sneaky chin hair and i say helo Ssame! but yeah so nice when u see an Unshaven &u make eye contact .. u just know that ya on the same hairy leggin level its aamzing

space boy,
how are you? I’ve seen you on here a lot and I’m a bit curious to know about you. it’s really nice of you to help others, so maybe you can help me a bit?
I have really bad depression and anxiety, paired with paranoia, and the fact that I fall for almost anyone who’s kind to me. these together are bad but I can’t seem to help any of these things. do you gave any advice?
-acrylic girl

being mexican is fun and cool……..not to sound like the travel channel but we’re so colorful including in our punk/goth subcultures, we’re literally art with how dramatic our TV/music is like I don’t get why there aren’t more famous mexican models and actors bc we just ooze personality and expressiveness and emotion even while keeping a straight face. we can do any kind of music from cumbia to opera to rock, and we work hard as hell at absolutely everything we do but especially when it’s a craft we love, bc we just have an innate passion. there’s more art and personality packed into one mexican than ten white people combined and that’s a #fact

to s and the boy called ice tea,

hi. i wasn’t expecting anyone to weigh in on my situation. if it helps my feelings for him are only a friend love, and they’ve never really been more of that. blue-eyed boy is complicated, and i would say we only teetered on the edge of being a ‘thing’. there are many events and situations that have made us basically strangers again. even just as a friend, it sucks. i don’t know if he wants to be in my life at all and I don’t believe him when he says so.

thank you for your message. hopefully i can find out who you are, and b and ice tea come to their senses, whatever that may mean. look for me, im out here somewhere. thank you s.

~g, red-haired girl