Anastasia [Don Bluth] Sentence Meme
  • “What do they teach you in those orphanages?”
  • “Oh, come on! Am I supposed to believe that thing woke up after all these years, just because some guy claims she’s a _______?”
  • “I am calm. I am heartless. I have no fear what so ever.”
  • “That’s what I hate about this government. Everything’s in red.”
  • “Please don’t talk anymore, it’s only going to upset me.”
  • “Oh sure, blame the ______. What the heck? We’re easy targets.”
  • “But, I am your confident.”
  • “Stop this car immediately! STOP THIS CAR!”
  • “Stop it! From the very beginning, you lied! And I not only believed you, I actually…”
  • “Now if you’ll excuse me, I wish to live out the remainder of my lonely life in peace.”
  • “Wow/Oh! I tell you what, wow/oh!”
  • “I never should have let them dance!”
  • Attraction? To that skinny little brat? Have you lost your mind?”
  • “Oh! An unspoken attraction!”
  • “There was a time, not very long ago, where we lived in an enchanted world of elegant palaces and grand parties.”
  • “If we live through this, remind me to thank you.”
  • Be grateful,______.” I am grateful - grateful to get away!“
  • "No exit visa, NO TICKET!”
  • “You’re a very good actress, best yet in fact. But I’ve had enough.”
  • “You’re on your own, sir! This can only end in tears!”
  • “I don’t believe we told her that…”
  • “Then I opened my eyes and the nightmare was me!”
  • “What? Hey - why are you circling me? What were you, a vulture in another life?”
  • “They would not want us to live in the past, not now that we have found each other.”
  • “Years of dreams just can’t be wrong!”
  • “Show up, yes. Look nice, fine. But lie?”
  • “You don’t know if it’s a lie. What if it’s true?”
  • “She certainly has a mind of her own.”
  • “Yeah. I hate that in a woman.”
  • “I’m probably about as stubborn as you are.”
  • “Princesses don’t marry kitchen boys.”
  • “Paris holds the key to her past.”
  • “I’ve found you at last. No more pretend. You’ll be gone–that’s the end.”
  • “It’s a perfect ending.”
  • “No. It’s a perfect beginning.”
  • “Men are such babies.”
  • “Forget the girl, get a life!”
  • “Oh, I’ll get a life,____….HERS!”
  • “Crush her at the height of her glory!”
  • “Ooh, I could teach you the latest dance step. It starts with, like, a ”whoa.“ And then you get really crazy with the hips, sir. It’s fun!”
  • “Do you really think I’m royalty?”
  • “You know I do.”
  • “Then stop bossing me around!”
  • “Just wishing I could do the job for you, sir. I’d give her a HA! And a HI-YA! And then a OUU-WA! And I’d kick her, sir.”
  • “I never saw her again.”
  • “My heart can’t take any more.”
  • “If I don’t remember who I am, then who’s to say I’m not a princess or a duchess or a whatever she is… Right?”
  • “Yes. I mean it was nice in the hangar, but it looks even better on you. You sh– You should wear it.”
  • “That uh… dress is really beautiful.”
  • “I am wearing it.”
  • “Once upon a December…”

Drunk meme

Random drunk quote found on google.

  • “Don’t tell ___ that I’m drinking.”
  • “See? I’m not too drunk. I can still take my clothes off.”
  • “I lost my pants. Where are my pants?”
  • “Beer before liquor, never sicker. Liquor before beer, liquor, liquor, liquor.”
  • “A straw is just a test tube, with a hole at the bottom.”
  • “Dude, try this.”
  • "I feel like a pickle torpedo… In a sea of graham cracker crumbs.”
  • “I may or may not also be drunk.”
  • “I’ll protect you! I’m (superhero name)!”
  • “If I had 50 ____, I’d give you one but only one.”
  • “I’m surrounded by an idiot.”
  • “I would punch a baby for a burrito right now.”
  • “This is the most I’ve ever been. Ever.”
  • “I’m so mad I could punch Superman in the face.”
  • “Is there a better way to do this?”
  • “Sorry about your shoes.”
  • “Don’t worry, when I’m in charge you can still be deputy of fire truck planet.”
  • “If drunk was a fruit, I’d be a ___.”
  • “I’m hungry. And I’m horny. I’m horngry.”
  • “I can’t look up, cause then I see your face and can’t stop staring.”
  • “Who put this wall here?”
  • “Stop screwing with my brain movies.”
  • “It’s YELLOW.”
  • “This is my song!”
  • “I’m not drunk.”
  • “I’m not THAT drunk.”
  • “I think I’m drunk.”
Shrek Sentence Meme
  • "This is one of those drop it, and leave it alone things."
  • "Oh come on."
  • "So, when an ogre in the bush grabs a lady by the tush, that's bad."
  • "I'm too young for you to die!"
  • "Man this would be so much easier if I wasn't colorblind."
  • "People take one look at me and think, argh, help, run."
  • "CAKE! Everybody loves cake. Cakes have layers."
  • "I see it, there.. that big shadowy one right there."
  • "What's that? It's hideous."
  • "Yeah, it's getting him to shut up that's the trick!"
  • "Who'd wanna live in a place like that?"
  • "Man that was annoying."
  • "No, it's one of those drop-it-and-leave-it-alone things."
  • "Turn your head and cough!"
  • "I'll find those stairs. I'll whip their butt, too. Those stairs won't know which way they're going... take drastic steps, kick it to the curb. Don't mess wit' me. I'm the Stair Master. I've mastered the stairs. I wish I had a step right here, right now, I'd step all over it..."
  • "You're so wrapped up in layers onion boy, you're afraid of your own feelings!"
  • "It's amazing what you've done with such a modest boulder.. That is a nice boulder."
  • "Well, I have to save my ass."
  • "We can stay up late, swapping manly stories, and in the morning, I'm making waffles!"
  • "He huffed, and he puffed, and he... signed an eviction notice."
  • "Hey what's your problem, what you got against the whole world anyway?"
  • "Oh, that's funny. Oh. Oh. I can't breathe. I can't breathe."
  • "I don't care what everybody likes!"
  • "You're a monster."
  • "Oh, you were expecting Prince Charming?"
  • "Two things okay? Shut. Up."
  • "Can I stay with you? Please?"
  • "Please! I don't wanna go back there, you don't know what it's like to be treated as a freak!"
  • "I can't feel my toes!"
  • "I don't have any toes!"
  • "There's an arrow in your butt!"
  • "I think I need a hug!"
  • "I was hoping this would be a happy ending..."
Ask for character reaction: 1989 version
  • "Are you insane?"
  • "It's been a long six months."
  • "You were too afraid to tell him/her what you want."
  • "That's how it works, that's how you get the girl."
  • "I want you."
  • "Broke your heart, I'll put it back together."
  • "How it used to be."
  • "You left her all alone and never told her why."
  • "I would wait for ever and ever."
  • "Time moved too fast."
  • "You are in love."
  • "Were all so tired of everything."
  • "Trust me, mine is better."
  • "Were so young, were on the road to ruin."
  • "Honey, life is just a classroom."
  • "Every night is like a dream."
  • "Heartbreak is the national anthem."
  • "We need love."
  • "Come along with me."
  • "Let's get out of this town."
  • "Nothing is going to last forever."
  • "Say you'll remember me."
  • "I bet these memories follow you around."
  • "Just take me home."
  • "People like you always want to take back the love you give away."
  • "All you had to stay."
  • "It's just too late."
  • "When everybody finds out.."
  • "For you it's always me."
  • "Didn't it all seem new and exciting?"
  • "I had to go back home."
  • "Love is good, this love is bad."
  • "I watched you leave."
  • "You look like my next mistake."
  • "Love's a game, wanna play."
  • "I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream."
  • "We got problems."
  • "Take a look what you've done."
  • "You say sorry just for show."
it's a bittersweet rp meme
  • 10 face claims.
  • 9 characters (mine).
  • 8 otps.
  • 7 deadly sins as characters.
  • characters (not mine).
  • 5 friendships.
  • older/younger fc counterparts.
  • character developments.
  • 2 family lines.
  • 1 of my oldest characters.
Munday Questions

1. Where do you live?

2. How old are you?

3. What is your astrology sign?

4. What is your ring tone/text tone

5. Who is your favorite author?

6. Android, iphone, Windows, other?

7. What are you currently listening to?

8. Who are your favorite blogs?

9. Last video game you played?

10. Favorite musician?

11. Favorite Color?

12. Do you have any pets?

13. What is a place you want to see on your bucket list?

14. Do you cosplay/ if yes what is your current favorite?

15. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?