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160501 #RM
시간 참 빠르죠!!
벌써 5월입니다.
화양연화 2를 작업하던 때, 아니쥬 비트 들고 옥상에서 머리 싸매며 소리지르기를 반복하던 때가 정말 엊그제 같네요.
너무너무 괴로운 순간들도 있었고 행복한 순간들도 있었어요. 그래도 결과가 좋아서 참 다행이에요. 운이 좋았어요. 많은 행운에 감사합니다.
내일 역시 저희에게는 가장 중요한 순간 중 하나가 될 것입니다. 많은 분들이 저와 같은 느낌을 받으셨으면 좋겠어요.
날씨도 풀리고~ 날씨랑 다르게 지치시는 분들도 많을 거에요. 그쵸?
그래도 힘냅시다. 제가 이러쿵저러쿵 궁시렁거리다가도 결국은 제 발길이 작업실에 닿아야 하듯이
여러분도 마음속에 그런 shelter가 존재하기를 간절히 바랍니다. 최후의 보루 같은. 사람은 그래야 살아갈 수가 있잖아요.
늘 외롭고 괴롭지만 새로워요. 이렇게 고민하면서 내놓는 게 결국 제 행복이고 이렇게 해내야 편한가봐요. 무언가를 할 수 있다는 것도 큰 사치인 것 같아요.
자 이제 날도 풀렸고 불타오를 시간이 거의 다 왔습니다. 정말 이 때만큼 두근두근 할 때가 없군요.
불타오르네, Save Me, Young Forever 그리고 다른 많은 음원들까지 기쁜 마음으로 기대해주시기를.
늘 기다려주시고 들어주시니 행복합니다. 감사합니다.
방탄소년단 화이팅. 아미 화이팅. 남준이 화이팅.
Time goes by so fast!!
It’s already May. It seems like it was just yesterday when I was up on the rooftop screaming along to to the beat of I Need U with my head wrapped while working on HYYH Pt. 2.
There were so many painful moments yet there were so many happy moments as well. I’m relieved that the outcomes were all good. We were lucky. Thank you for all the luck.
Tomorrow will also become a very important moment for us. I hope that many of you guys will receive the same emotions and feelings that I feel.
The weather is getting really warm~ but unlike the weather I bet there’s a lot of you that are tired, right?
But still, let’s push on. I may be rambling now but at the end of the day, I always have to trace the steps back to my studio. I hope that all of you guys have some sort of a shelter that exists within your minds. A place you could go to as a last resort. That’s the only way people can go on with their lives.
I’m always pained and lonely but it’s a new feeling. Giving after a long duration of pondering is , after all, my happiness, and it becomes my comfort. The fact that you can do something, I think, is a huge luxury.
Well now that the day has gone, it’s almost time to set on fire. There’s never a time I feel my heart beat faster than in moments like this. I hope you guys are looking forward to Fire, Save Me, Young Forever and all the other tracks with happiness and excitement. I’m happy because you guys always wait for us and listen to us. Thank you.
BTS Hwaiting. ARMY Hwaiting. Namjoon Hwaiting

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can we talk about how namjoon and jin used to barely keep up with the choreography and made fun of not only each other but put themselves down because they lacked confidence in their dancing skills? well have you noticed that not a single comment has been said about either of them barely keeping up with the moves in Fire or Save Me or any other choreography they’ve been performing? that’s because they are fucking SLAYING that dance and they are executing the steps flawlessly and they look sure of themselves, it’s beautiful seeing how far they’ve come and how much they’ve improved. im really really proud of both rm and jin for that. 

Freaking Thanks to Jungkook for revealing Jungkook’s Abs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)…God Bless RunningMan. This will be my most Favourite Episode Everr! I’ll put in in a CD and hang it on my wall for future generation :’)

Luckiest day of ARMY Life.