I want the same reaction from Jane towards Maura that we saw towards Angela. The sheer terror, panic, raw emotion of thinking she lost someone she truly loves. I need that same, high- intensity and heart- wrenching pain when she finds that she has lost Maura. I want to see her torn apart. I want to see her break. I want to see the vulnerable Jane- behind the façade- that we know loves Maura deeply. This is the Jane we need to see. This is the Jane that will do anything to get back the one person she loves more than anything.

Just finished watching the finale

I’m surprised by how good that finale was, the anticipation was killing me even though we obviously knew Maura was the one that would be taken.
I just can’t believe it took them all, and specially Jane, so long to realize Maura wasn’t home, and even if they knew she was at the office that they never checked on her.
I know in a moment of urgency when they think Angela is the target they’re not going to stop and think about other possibilities but they should have thought about it when they realized she was safe.
I know what it means to have Maura be the target of revenge against Jane, it just shows how much she means to her: why not her mom who is an easier target, or Frankie or Tommy whom she’s really close to and are her brothers? We know it’s because of their special relationship and how meaningful it is after Jane herself said “they took everything, what else is there to take?”.
It really shows that Maura is the most important person for Jane.
I just wonder if the writers made it like that to appease fans and showcase the noticeable importance of their relationship, even to people who don’t know them, and to make progress on their relationship or if they did it only because they had to include Maura in the plot and give her some kind of important part in it, since she is the other title character.
I hope it’s the first and that it helps to improve their relationship and maybe develop (or get back) a greater closeness between them, even if it is just friendship and not the romantic relationship we all want for them.
I’m looking forward to the next episode, whenever that is.

Rizzles is one of the most obvious non canon ships that we know. Maura and Jane they have everything and u can say how deeply in love they are with each other only when they look. Now, we’ve been waiting for 6 years 6 fucking years. Janet tamaro knew, jan nash knows, angie knows everyone knows that rizzles is one of the most important and special things and also one of the reasons this show is still on the air, so u think they will end this, that rizzoli and isles will end, and they wont give us the canon, after all this years and everything that this fandom has been through?!?! I think about this everyday and i honestly believe and i have hope and will always have, that maura and jane will become a couple. I dont even care if it this the last episode, if they dont kiss. The only thing i want, and thats what we all have been waiting since the pilot of this show, is them to confess their feelings, while they look at each other in the eyes and understand that they are meant to be together and nothing nor no one can change that