Coming out - not that it wasn't obvious

I am from the Rizzles fandom. I have written (and am still writing) for this incredible group of mature, fun people who have been such an important part of my writing life, and have seen me through many a difficult personal transition.

Yet I confess, since the devolution of Rizzles I have been captured by another fandom, for a host of reasons. One I feel there is a stigma about, so much so I haven’t published the two fics I have written for this pairing on tumblr. Instead I now write in archive of our own for one fandom, and ff for another

I love Rizzles. I am in love with Clexa.

And I write only to ask, those who hold any prejudice without having taken the time to see the storyline built around these amazing characters, to give them a chance. It is beautiful, it is heartbreaking, but it actually happened unlike many of the ships we put up with than never see the light of day :)

After all, thanks to this fandom more than $100k has been donated to the Trevor project. Thanks to this fandom there is now a convention celebrating LGBTQI characters. Thanks to this fandom, there is a commitment established in its name from other showrunners that they will not randomly kill off LBGTQI characters

Yes, the Clexa fandom is angry. Yes, perhaps there is an aggressiveness we are not used to, because unlike the Rizzles fandom who still have the opportunity to imagine what happened in Paris, Clexa fans had their dream realised only to have their other half killed off mid season (in unfortunate queer-baiting style). I don’t like everything I read, I don’t like the attack on the show, or the actors, or the showrunner. But I do love those who embrace what is wonderful about this pairing. I love the fact that Eliza Taylor and Alycia Debnam-Carey are both invested in them despite now being on different shows. I support them both for it (the fact they’re both Aussie is a win!!) And there is a lot wonderful about Clexa - a lot I think Rizzles fans would appreciate

All I want is to be able to feel confident loving both, without prejudice

And maybe to share links to different fics, that I might have written because my Prometheus muse is kicking my ass, but Clexa answers.



If this was a guy and a girl as she was turning away he would have grabbed her wrist pulled her back into him and kissed her!

Look how they’re looking at each other. Why should the fact that it’s two women stop true love?!?

I feel more people should focus on the fact that Regina Mills can catch arrows being shot directly at her.

There is only one other character on (live action) TV I can think of who can do that.

Need I remind you that her soulmate was a blonde, and… 

… they, as soulmates, are notorious for reincarnating.

I mean, I’m just saying that I feel this is significant.