Riley's growth

I don’t know how anyone can discount Riley’s growth after ski lodge part 2.

“Our first boyfriends Maya. Who knows how long that’s going to last.”

This is real. She knows there’s a big chance that her and Lucas won’t last forever. Clearly she has grown out of the idea of Cory and Topanga.

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t like him/care about him a lot/ eventually love him. It means she understands that you don’t always end up with your first boyfriend.

So stop saying she hasn’t grown as a character. She is way over this perception of love/first love.

The color of Pluto

Throughout the series Riley and Farkle have been associated with space and in particular Pluto. In Girl meets Pluto we see Riley put a small styrofoam ball representing Pluto into their time capsule which, interestingly enough, is painted orange. That said, while orange tends to be associated with Farkle, it’s the mixture of orange and purple that has me the most curious. As seen in @onetwothreefarkle‘s amazing post (if you haven’t read it, I’d definitely take a look, the analysis is quite wonderful) about what happens when you mix purple and orange together, as they explained, the resulting color is something called Burnt Sienna, which looks a little like this:

Now, this is really interesting because, while we’d all like to think that Pluto is really colored orange, in reality that title belongs to Jupiter, and Pluto actually looks a little like this, according to a photo from NASA:

So you see the similarity? In other words, when put together, the colors match almost perfectly.

Part of Pluto is actually the color of Burnt Sienna, which is created when purple and orange are mixed together. Riley’s color is purple and Farkle’s color is orange - two colors you would never think go together - but when mixed, create the color of Pluto.