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hey so like i totally agree that rika is an abusive person but my friend doesn't believe me and ??? can you give examples on why she is because i really dont have the energy to argue with her on it anymore :///

yes i can!! i will happily avenge my boy V by roasting his ex-fiancee. i have plenty of examples, and if someone else has anything more to add, feel free! 

i’ll be going off of only Seven’s route (technically Secret01, V’s “after-ending”), since Rika is more involved in it. i’ve played all the other routes, but i figured Seven’s would be the best to do this with. anyway, onward!

WARNING: HUGE SPOILERS (trigger warnings: abuse, manipulation)

i’ll start with this. it’s not anything huge, but believe it or not, this is manipulative behaviour. i recognized it immediately, because i have a friend who acts just like Rika (and they know they’re doing it too). at this point V has made it so clear that he has no intention of leaving or betraying Rika, and yet she still persists and repeats statements like these throughout Secret01 (only they’re each worded differently). of course it’s healthy to talk to your partners about how you’re feeling in your relationship, but… not the way she does it. this is guilt tripping. words like these are meant to make the other person feel, well, guilty. it’s trapping them in the relationship and making them feel like if they leave, they’ll hurt their partner, or their partner will hurt themselves, even if hurting them wasn’t their intention at all (sounds like V, doesn’t it? he wants the best for everyone, and im sure Rika is no exception since they were, y’know, engaged).

oh Rika, Rika, Rika.

“God can’t, but maybe you can.” “I feel like you’re the only person who won’t get hurt by being with me.”

another example! she’s making him feel like he’s the only one who can help her with her problems! again: guilt tripping. saying the god of your religion can’t save you but your fiancee can is, uh… quite a responsibility for V carry, especially when you take in the fact that Rika was stated to be pretty religious before this. this is a personal view, but my Rika-friend does this too; they tell me i’m the only one who’s ever there to help them, i’m the only one who will listen, etc. etc. personally, this is draining for me. being the source of someone’s peace of mind and sanity is… huge. it doesn’t matter how much you love the person, this will take a huge toll on you regardless. you won’t always be there to help the person, and it feels awful to have to tell them that. i don’t doubt that V has to deal with this too! i’m sure, aside from Rika’s dependency on him, he has issues of his own that he has to take care of. people need breaks from helping someone excessively, in order to be able to take care of themselves and keep helping the person at the same time, but… from the way V lost himself later (i’m still not over it), i don’t think he ever got that break.

(EDIT: i found a post on my dash that relates to this so i thought i’d link it as further proof: http://jihyunnn.tumblr.com/post/153749507155/naamahdarling-metalfatigue-alt-and-black ) (i don’t know how to make links yet lmao so this is the best i can do)

skip to the present when they’re at Mint Eye. I think these screenshots say enough for themselves, so I won’t spend as much time on them as the others. what i will say is this: Saeran (or Unknown, for y’all who didn’t know his real name before) exposes Rika’s “true” feelings about V. whether they’re really true or not is up for debate, but insulting your ex-lover (who did absolutely nothing wrong, mind you) and calling them awful names is hard to fake. this is downright hatred.  

this is the part where i start crying because V deserved so much better. they say a picture holds a thousand words, and these three certainly do, more than the previous ones.

“Do you even see how much I’ve grown?” “Shouldn’t you be proud of me?” “You never acknowledge me when I do something great.” 

warning sirens!! warning sirens!! giant red flag!!!!!! how do people see this as a healthy relationship??

V was the one who got Rika to start going to therapy. He wanted to learn more about her to help her with her mental problems. He wants to help her grow! but she’s doing the opposite! and blaming him after all his efforts!!! 

she even compares him to her parents. Rika is adopted, yoosung tells us that at the beginning. on Rika’s wiki it is implied that she and her adoptive mother don’t get along. in the “Trivia” section it says that she (or they, including her father) regrets adopting her. whoa there. Rika just said “you’re just like my parents.” She compared V to her abusive parents. i think that says enough (V my boy i’m so sorry).

so V, in an attempt to save himself and Rika from any further verbal harm, says that he is proud of her, but he sees that there are flaws in her ideas of saving people. he’s calling her out on her plans, because i’m he feels like she can’t see that herself. she immediately jumps to defend herself by, you guessed it, more guilt tripping. She makes him look like the bad guy. “How could you say that?” is meant to make him feel bad! and you can see it on his face that he does indeed feel bad!!

of course i couldn’t forget that last screenshot, the one from the post i made a couple days ago that started this chain. again… if this doesn’t show how awful Rika is, i don’t know what will. 

“I think my eyes are at their end. But… I liked it because you’re the one who gave me this pain.” he’s been destroyed and hurt by Rika so many times but he still loves her, and Rika hasn’t apologized for what she’s done. I haven’t read anything from her that has her saying “I’m sorry” in any way and I’ve played every route. Rika hasn’t apologized for anything she’s done. nothing. zip. zero. nada. i don’t want to hear it’s because she’s mentally ill. that’s not an excuse and it never will be. she’s mentally ill, yes? girl me too!! that doesn’t stop me from recognizing my shitty behaviour!! you still have to apologize when you do something abusive! your mental illness is not a free pass to be an asshole! (even if your partner is like V and insists it doesn’t bother them you still have to apologize you wet paper bag)

aside from Rika being unforgivably disrespectful to V, she messed up Saeran bad. we know Rika rescued Seven and Saeran from their abusive mother. yeah, what a hero!! but not for long!!! when Seven left, she took care of Saeran up until her breakup with V. After this, she started brainwashing him to hate Seven and distort his image of him. that’s right! she’s the reason he has so much trouble accepting Seven as his brother again. Saeran said a couple screenshots ago that “he’s the man who lied to me for all these years,” but he didn’t play a role in his brainwashing. that was all Rika. it’s my guess that she brainwashed him to hate him.

V was never the bad guy. same with Saeran. this whole time it’s been Rika. anyone who defends Rika’s sick actions can fight me personally. 

in conclusion: she’s awful and does not deserve to be forgiven.

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Anyway…Happy Birthday Rika ^_^

i know most player hate you, but i hope i can spread my love towards Rika in here. I can never hate her, she is a victim of mental illness and i feel sad for her. if there were Rika route, i hope MC can save her too