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Mainly for Ray/Unknown, but Rika may answer too if she wishes to! How do you guys play with cats? I'm curious, because I've heard about the way... um... That "red head" plays with them and I'm also wondering about how you managed to get Elly to follow you in Jumin's route lol. Mind enlightening us?

Ah… well, she remembered me! How lucky it was that we found her! Poor kitty wandering around outside…

She’s such a sweet girl and all she needs is a little scratch on her back and a feather on a string to be happy


Which one(s) would you adopt? :3

So I did the Pusheen versions of the Mystic Messenger characters, because there is nothing I am better at than procrastinating. Hopefully they are pretty accurate ^^ (hope I didn’t make any spelling mistakes :’) but my hopes are certainly in vain)

These characters belong to Cheritz. The Pusheen cat does not belong to me.