I’m in love with you
(Like the piece of garbage that I claimed you are)
Desperately clinging onto you
(Without me, you’d be a lump of broken shards)
In desperate need for you
(Loving me just for your goddamn self-pity)
I’ve fallen for you
(Living through this love just for sheer sympathy)

I do love me some garbage characters.

For those who don’t know (Which is probably all of you) Rose is the abusive girlfriend of my other oc Rust, She’s also just crazy aside of being abusive.

I figured this song fit. Thanks to @beanieface for help with the gif!

Still frames here

Hey guys! I AM working on requests just very slowly! (cause I’m doing them on the side of my work) @v@;;;

 Anyway, this one isn’t done yet but here’s a WIP of miss Rika for @czarryy‘s Sister <3! I always think its super sweet when people make requests for others! Plus Digimon Tamers <3<3~~~!! My heart!!


So I already posted the “heart point” icons for the 5 main RFA members, but here are three more bonus ones! A V heart point, Rika heart point, and the mysterious ‘white heart’ that we’re not sure who it belongs to (personally I’m inclined to agree with the idea that it belongs to ‘Unknown’, but who knows).

They’re transparent, (so if you can’t see the white heart that’s why, haha) and you can use them wherever you like. Note that the Rika and V heart points are not in the game, I photoshopped them myself.

This is part of an ongoing project to make all of the speech bubbles and emojis in Mystic Messenger transparent for use in chatroom edits and other things. All are tagged on my blog as #MM chat edits

If you’ve got any transparent emojis or speech bubbles, please send them to me! You can send them via submission or message, or even just post it with the tag #MM chat edits so I can compile them all in one place. Credit appreciated if you use it on your blog or in your posts!


Here is my Sakuyamon cosplay from Digimon Tamers! I’m very proud of it! ;//; it looks like a lot of people like it >///< so much work in it,but i’m very happy.

It’s all handmade by myself!

Also it there’s someone interested, i sell replicas of the helmet and the chest armor.

You can see photos of how i did it in my FB page and follow my work:


Photos by: https://www.facebook.com/tomitotoro/