Heads up if you don't say anything about TPP video game streaming may end

Imagine the most ass backward copyright laws possible. Now imagine that being applied to the internet. What you are thinking of is probably something like what the trans pacific partnership is like (TPP for short).

Normally I wouldn’t post politics here but this could stop me and the other Vinesauce streamers from streaming or making YouTube videos. Maybe you like some other YouTuber or streamer more but know that these things apply to them as well. I’m bad with words but I’d ask you all to either reblog this or send something to your elected officials about how you do not support this at all (preferably both).

The link will fill you in better than I can.



Extra video this week because y’all wanted me to play Undertale. I didn’t play it but I did make a video about all the same. That means there might be spoilers?

The Results Are In: New Yorkers Support Renewable Energy - The Solutions Project

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In hearings across the state

, officials are gathering public input on 

Reforming the Energy Vision

, also known as REV. This is Gov. Cuomo’s plan to move from a century-old energy system that relies on dirty, centralized power plants to a new model incorporating clean, renewable energy that gives people more control over the energy they use – and even gives them the chance to generate their own clean power. Full article and poll info available here: