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In hearings across the state

, officials are gathering public input on 

Reforming the Energy Vision

, also known as REV. This is Gov. Cuomo’s plan to move from a century-old energy system that relies on dirty, centralized power plants to a new model incorporating clean, renewable energy that gives people more control over the energy they use – and even gives them the chance to generate their own clean power. Full article and poll info available here:



On June 3rd, 2015, people gathered in more than 80 cities across Argentina to march and protest against femicides and violence against women. The slogan was “Ni una menos” (not one less), in reference to the growing number of women we lose to sexism every month. Thousands of people attended the historic event, demanding the proper implementation of law 26.485 of Integral Protection of Women, among other things. More than 200.000 people gathered at Congress in Buenos Aires. Neighboring countries Chile and Uruguay joined the cause, as well as Mexico. In Argentina, a woman is murdered every 30 hours. On June 3rd, 2015, Argentina said “enough”.

More about #NiUnaMenos:

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Some notable and recent femicide cases:

  • Chiara Páez, 14 years old. She was beaten to unconsciousness and buried alive in her boyfriend’s yard, where she was found. The boy and his family are the main suspects. Chiara was pregnant.
  • Ángeles Rawson, 16 years old. She was strangled and thrown into a garbage truck by the doorman of the building she lived in. Ángeles was coming back from school when she was murdered.
  • Daiana García, 19 years old. She went missing after leaving for a job interview and was later found dead inside a plastic bag, semi-naked. She died of asphyxia.
  • Wanda Taddei, 29 years old. She was set on fire by her husband, ex-drummer of the band Callejeros, and died days later.
  • Lola Chomnalez, 15 years old. She went missing while she was in Uruguay, after going to the beach. Her body was found partially buried in the sand. Lola died of asphyxia.
  • Noelia Akrap, 15 years old. She went missing after going out to buy cigarettes and was found dead later. She was beaten and died of asphyxia. The main suspect is the boyfriend of one of her friends.
  • María Eugenia Lanzetti, 45 years old. She was a kindergarten teacher who was murdered by her ex-partner in front of her pupils. She had a restriction order against him due to threats. He slit her throat. María Eugenia had two kids.
  • Melina Romero, 17 years old. She went missing on her birthday and her body was found a month later by a stream. She was beaten to death. There are several suspects.
  • Paola Acosta, 36 years old. She was murdered by her ex-husband and thrown into a sewer. Their 2-year-old daughter, Martina, was thrown along with her and spent 80 hours with her mother’s corpse until they were found. Martina is currently doing well.