Let me just tell you, I am Taylor Swift’s biggest fan. I think she is a great role model, I think she’s smart as a tack, and I think she is absolutely beautiful. She carries herself so well, says the right thing at the right time, she’s just amazing.

[On Taylor’s cross over pop career] I think it’s wonderful. Why should country music just keep her to ourselves? She does need to be on all genres of music.

—  Reba talking about Taylor Swift. (x)
I’m proud of her. I think she’s a very smart, very intelligent young lady. I call her an ‘old soul.’ She has done so much, so young. For her to go to a pop career, I think it’s the next best step, more power to her.
—  Reba talking about Taylor. (x)

Miranda Lambert, Kelly Clarkson, & Reba Medley (December 15, 2014)
Nashville honored Reba with the NASH Icon Award at the American Country Countdown Awards for her influence on country music. Miranda Lambert & Kelly Clarkson sang “How Blue” and “Take It Back” before Reba joined in on the medley with “Fancy.”