disgruntledturtle  asked:

Hi i binge read your fic and after the cliffhanger in chapter 12 I read the books it was based on in 4 days and they were amazing but the ending of the 2nd one left me UNFULFILLED enjoy that on your conscience.

Quinn: “I believe she threatened to hunt me down to the ends of the earth and roast my gentleman’s carcass over perdition’s flame.” 

Chat Noir: “Words words~ My lady beat me over the head with a rock when we first met!” 

I’m so very sorry that the books left you unfulfilled @disgruntleturtle. Although that’s more Kay Hooper’s fault, than it is mine. I have every intention to supply a satisfying ending to my fanfic. Regardless, I appreciate that you took the time to read Once a Thief, (both of them) and I hope you continue to enjoy my fanfic. 

Here is a sketch of Quinn and Chat, talking about their respective love interests.  Just a couple of sentimental cat burglars bonding over their love lives while they hunt down the whereabouts of that dang Talisman Emerald. ;D 

AO3 version: http://archiveofourown.org/works/11907219/chapters/26902992

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Here’s the finished piece from the stream tonight!! Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

This is my DnD character, Quinn. Our DM made stats for fauns just for Quinn! He’s a famous bard who invented the saxophone. He only knows how to play Hall and Oates songs so far (every night he gets a vision of Hall & Oates performing from the future/another dimension, and awakens in a cold sweat).

He’s an EXTREMELY charismatic/charming boy.