“Hey Salami thanks fo’ dinner, yo–”
“Yeah I know this is Frank–”
“Yo Pastrami how’d you get here so fast?”
“Ey yo korra what’s the po-po doing all up in Origami’s crib???”
“Tsunami how the hizzity-hell did you change your clothes just now”
“DANG, Toonami, that kiss was funky fresh!”
“Ey Illuminati, I need me some wicky-wicky waTER–”
“Ey Calamari…..”


PROJECT VOICEBEND Episode 7 - “The Morning After”

Featuring super mega high quality Korrasami bonding and evil mustached dads


PROJECT VOICEBEND Episode 8 - “When Poop Gets Extreme”

So much action, so much drama, so many Tarrlok ponytails, so little time.

(Guest co-edited by vanny-more!)