Momager Mako

thank you Sam and Dan for always givin’ us good brother riffs

After an INTENSE weekend of auditions, we’re proud to announce the person who will be voicing Avatar Wan in our upcoming episode: @jelloapocalypse!!!

We want to take a second thank everyone who tried out for the role!! There were so many fantastic auditions & talented people to choose from (which really made our job difficult)! If you didn’t get the role, please don’t be discouraged– we’ll have more audition opportunities in the future! 

“Hey Salami thanks fo’ dinner, yo–”
“Yeah I know this is Frank–”
“Yo Pastrami how’d you get here so fast?”
“Ey yo korra what’s the po-po doing all up in Origami’s crib???”
“Tsunami how the hizzity-hell did you change your clothes just now”
“DANG, Toonami, that kiss was funky fresh!”
“Ey Illuminati, I need me some wicky-wicky waTER–”
“Ey Calamari…..”