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@zanylandwolf I ship you with Draco Malfoy!

It`s not that you don`t like people, it`s just that you prefer to have your head in a book rather than making small talk with people you barley know. But the people that do know you are pretty lucky. You and Draco had been friends since you were kids, and that didn`t change at Hogwarts. Though you did notice a change in his behavior. He can sometime be a little arrogant and hate not being the center of attention, so when Potter came to Hogwarts he could sometimes be kind of a jerk, never to you of course, you knew the real, kind, caring and the little broken boy behind the fasade. You never told him off in front of others for being a jerk, but when you were alone together you would sometimes bring it up. You were the only person who knew the real him and the one he actually talked to about his problems.

After having gotten back to Hogwarts after Christmas in the fifth year you noticed Draco acting a little weird, he didn`t engage in the conversation with your little group in the common room, he was almost invisible in the background. Later that night you couldn`t sleep, so you decided to read a little, you went down to the common room so you wouldn`t wake anyone. You were sitting in one of the sofa`s and were so into the book you didn`t noticed Draco standing by the door that connected the boys dormitory to the common room, he loved watching you read, it somehow made him forget about his own problems if only just for a moment. He walked over to the sofa you were sitting in and you only first noticed you when he gave your shoulder a little nudge. “Move.” he said quietly, with a small smile. You but down the book on the table next to you and opened your arms to him. He lied down resting his head on your shoulder. You brought you hand to his head and started to stoke it up and down. Sometimes you don`t have to pick apart a problem by talking about, sometimes you just need support. You stayed like that for a while before Draco raised hid head and his eyes locked with yours. His eyes flickered to your lips, but you were the one to lean in. His lips were soft and the kiss was short but it said a million words. When you pulled apart he just looked at you and said the words you didn`t know how you knew were true and you had longed for. “I love you.”

concept: head auror harry has a group conference in mcgonagall’s office b/c crisis of the week. one of the other professors called harry ‘sir’. he very politely says ‘oh, there’s no need to call me sir, professor. harry’s fine’ but he glances @ snape’s portrait when he says it

harry potter rates by mention of ducks
  • philosophers stone: (5) the dursleys duck hagrid’s letters which is amazing and I hope that creased parchment gave them paper cuts. children duck from peeves on several occasions, and chaser pucey ducks two bludgers. glad Hogwarts students are agile but if i were a mum receiving these letters from home I’d have questions. (5/10)
  • chamber of secrets: harry ducks under a table to keep people from seeing him laughing. joy because harry is actually laughing. someone ducks molly’s soapy frying pan, which i hope is a metaphor but probably isn’t. harry ducks as hagrid tries to pat his shoulder again. ron ducks and vomits slugs, the babe. four random evasive ducking maneuvers. wizards are dodge af. i do not duck this much in my real life. bonus for the only movie add on that matters: “What exactly is the function of a rubber duck?” what were /you using for, Arthur? (8/10)
  • prisoner of azkaban: jo’s editor clearly got cottoned on because the we only have three duck mentions. ducking beneath diggory (it starts). harry randomly ducks. and a warning: duck, angelina that's a bludger. (1/10)
  • goblet of fire: (13) ducking in and out of tents and to avoid awkward social situations. ‘I don’t think there can be any ducking out at this stage’ which is utter bullshit. i’d be asking for the terms and conditions and finding out exactly what would be worse than facing a dragon??? krum is on multiple occasions described as duck-footed, which i take to mean literally and you can’t stop me. (3/10)
  • order of the phoenix: wondering if 'duck' is code for 'fuck' because it's mentioned a lot (23 times) and jk’s editor wouldn’t let her swear. harry ducks his abusive uncle more than once. sirius /ducks bellatrix's jet of red light, but only one. every single adult ducks out of their responsibility in effectively helping traumatized harry james potter. (-10/10)
  • half blood prince: FAVE: herbert chortley, junior minister, loses his quackers and impersonates a duck. he will spend the rest of his life believing he's a duck, which is...the dream. harry ducks under and out from the cloak so he can relentlessly stalk draco malfoy. lots of ducking under arms and under tables and ducking and running. (9/10. for herb)
  • deathly hallows: shout out to the experimental charms committee for accidentally-on-purpose creating a poisonous duck. wizarding galleons at their finest??? harry would not duck out of, excuse me while i sob, going to meet voldemort, not when he knew it was in his power to stop it. (4/10 but only because harry lives)
  • bonus: Lego Harry Potter, Ducklifors Jinx turns anything into a duck. (10/10)