You’ll be able to experience the new Harry Potter story without flying to London

In what can only be seen as a belated holiday miracle — like an anonymous box with an invisibility cloak in it — Potter fans worldwide learned Wednesday that the 8th installment of the series, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, will be within their grasp in just 5 months. But it won’t be the full experience.  

Can we end the idea that because Harry didn’t often hang out with people outside his immediate circle of friends, it doesn’t mean he was a completely indifferent snob who gave zero shits about anyone?

Because he did give lots of shits about a lot of people, and not just because his saving people thing compelled him to save them. It’s not like he hated people or always thought he was better than them. Canon Harry was polite to nearly everyone who wasn’t Draco (where the enmity was mutual) or trying to kill him, even when those people aggravated or embarrassed him. He was ostracized in the books as often as not, which he was TOTALLY USED TO because he dealt with it for most of his life.

Eleven year old Harry boarded Hogwarts never having had a friend.  The child was shit at making friends…because he’d never had any and he didn’t know how. Ron approached him and asked if they could share a compartment, and they were actual soul mates and became friends nearly instantly. And Harry was totally satisfied with that! Ron’s my friend. I’ve got A friend and I am GOOD TO GO. He got along with his dorm mates, but he didn’t seek out their company or anything. He didn’t hang out with loads of people because he didn’t need to. 

Because he’s got trust issues, Harry James Potter. And who can blame him? The trap door is always falling out from beneath him. I wouldn’t trust people, either.  He doesn’t want to truly confide in a person until he knows he can trust them, which is reasonable. Even then, there were loads of things he should have shared, but didn’t, but that’s another rant. Harry’s trust has to be earned, like most of us, through time and shared experiences.

Except, because He’s Harry, shared experiences are less listening to music and more like fucking shit up. Hermione, for instance. The Duo becoming a Trio didn’t happen for two months, and in those two months he and Ron really didn’t like her very much. But…

There are some things you can’t share without ending up liking each other, and knocking out a twelve-foot mountain troll is one of them.

Pretty much the mantra of Harry’s life.

You want to be Harry’s friend? Kidnap him and buy him an owl, cause some magical mischief together, spend loads of time with him and let him get to know you in a non-threatening way, give him a magical map. Join a subversive magical organization he leads, but only if you’re willing to go to the Ministry and steal a Prophecy with him. Otherwise? It’s probably not going to happen, at least not for a long, long time.

Harry was emotionally stunted with trust issues and a penchant for trouble. he had his issues (and real flaws: anger mgmt), but I don’t think snobbery was one of them.

On the night of Teddy’s birth, Remus briefly left Tonks and his son in the charge of his mother-in-law, so that he could go and find Harry for the first time since their angry confrontation. Here, he asked Harry to be Teddy’s godfather, feeling nothing but forgiveness and gratitude towards the person who had sent him home to the family that gave him his greatest happiness.

This kills me.

Remus, who had reunited with Tonks. Remus, who had pleaded and begged and promised he would never, ever leave. Remus, who eschewed order missions for nine months so he could stay with her.

His son was born, his son was healthy, and Remus was full of love and hope and bursting with joy.

He didn’t go door to door to notify all the Order members that Teddy was born. He didn’t even go out to tell his own parents. 

In his absolute jubilation, the ONE PERSON he wanted to see? Harry.

Because it was a war. People were dying and rounded up. Everyone was in danger.

Remus left because he needed to make a very specific sort of amends with Harry. Because Remus knew Harry would tear himself to bits about the way they’d parted, even if he had been right.

Harry, who had no family, whom Remus needed to thank for mending his.

Remus needed to make sure Harry knew his family was safe and whole, that the baby was healthy, and he needed to thank Harry.

And he wanted to make sure Harry was godfather. It made no difference to a newborn Teddy, who his godfather was. But it made all the difference to Harry, and all the difference to Remus.

Remus even did it in a way that wouldn’t embarrass Harry. He didn’t–he knew if he’d asked Harry to step outside, or whatever. He didn’t demand a conversation, or make a grand apology, or give a big thank you. That would’ve been so awkward for both of them. He just casually asked, made it seem like a convenient thing to settle while he visited with everyone.

But no, he specifically sought out Harry to share this little bit of his life with, and to make amends with, and that means everything.

665. When Harry and Ginny were engaged, everyone avoided the topic of the mother son dance around Harry for obvious reasons. That was until a week or two before the wedding Harry confronted Ginny about it. When she told him they were planning on just not having that dance, Harry said that was nonsense, because Mrs. Weasley was as much of a mom to him as anyone. Molly was honored to share the dance with him.

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