The thing about Drarry...

There’s this fan fiction on AO3 called “Turn”, and it’s really fucking cute. It makes Drarry look really fucking cute. So cute, in fact, one might start shipping Drarry. But, in all honesty, I don’t think it could ever be a healthy relationship. I understand that people associate Harry’s obsession with Draco as romantic infatuation, but it’s really just an obsession, and an obsession over the idea that Draco is doing something inherently wrong. There is so much mutual mistrust between Draco and Harry, and I think it’d be incredibly difficult to overcome said mistrust. It certainly isn’t a strong base for a relationship. Despite this, you should 100% read “Turn”. It’s brilliant.

The Hogwarts Houses In Love


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Ok but hear me out:
What we really need is a Harry Potter TV show.
Season 1 will be all about the founders, their youth, how they met each other how they founded Hogwarts and the drama with Salazar Slytherin.
Season 2 will be loads of additional characters during the first centuries of the school and just a lot of regular Hogwarts stuff BECAUSE WE ALL WANT MORE OF THAT. AND THEN
Season 3 will show all of our favourite professors attending Hogwarts and give us loads of information about their backgrounds and THEN FINALLY IN
Season 4 we will move on to THE MARAUDERS AGE. Young James. Young Sirius. Young Remus. Young Peter. Young Lily. Young everyone-we-love.
Just. Imagine.

The Hogwarts Houses When They’re Angry


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Hufflepuff - Too cute to be taken seriously.

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Ravenclaw - They go dead quiet. Uhh, you might wanna give them some space for a while.

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Slytherin - RUN. AWAY. MOVE. TO. CHINA. OH GOD. 

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