Kestrel and Ashy go down to the Natural Kitchen to make sure Harlan and Miguel, whose previous vacations have been to Twikkii, are properly stocked for their honeymoon at the cabin in Three Lakes. There they run into Marsha and decide to have a little girls’ night out while they’re at it. The Hot Spot is not exactly jumping tonight, and teen owner William Ghote (who inherited the place from his later mother, Luz Iana Ghote) should probably not be staying up so late keeping it open; but it is open, they’re here, Marsha’s here - it doesn’t hurt to encourage the boy’s entrepreneurial spirit. 

My sisters pitbull has been cuddling with me for the past 3 hours an its really nice cos it’s bigger than me so it’s like a huge heated blanket so like if ur ever lonely just get a Pitt cos there awesome loyal as fuck an there fuckin warm u don’t even need a blanket man just cuddle with it it’ll keep u warm.

anonymous asked:

So. Do you guys ever.... Well.... Sleep together? I mean, it has to get lonely at that all-boys boarding school... If you know what I mean...

Nuwanda: Well, I have not slept with anyone at this school. Sadly, all of the men that I would ever consider are all dating each other and therefore have no room for me. Either that or they’re fucking assholes thank you very much. 

I’ll let the lovebird take over and respond now haha. I’m sure Meeks knows who everyone is sleeping with.

Meeks: Thanks Nuwanda. I do happen to know who most of the Dead Poets are sleeping with, mostly because I’m the one everyone comes to for dating advice. I, Stephen Meeks, and sleeping with my boyfriend (and by sleeping I don’t mean sex I mean actually sleeping, I’m not comfortable with sex, at least not yet), Gerard Pitts.

Neil and Todd (finally) pulled their heads out of their butts and I walked in on them making out in the cave.

Cameron… well, I’m 99% Cameron is straight, but that’s not a definite. 

Knox was with Chris, but now Chris is… well, out of the picture. Knox doesn’t seem to care much about sexuality, and we don’t judge in our friend group, so… yeah. Whoever he ends up with will be amazing, I’m sure. 

And Nuwanda will find his love one day. :D

Knox: I don’t tend to care much about sexuality… mostly because it would be rather hypocritical of me to judge… Since I’m kind of sleeping with my roommate, Spaz… … … … I… Um… Yeah…



Nuwanda: Are you fucking kidding me you motherfucker do you fucking understand you MOTHERFUCKER I AM GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS? HOW DID WE NOT KNOW THIS? WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL US?

Knox: … Because it’s private?