New World Aviary is a collaboration book by two long time artist friends, Namie and Lulu. It features our original characters following the theme of birds.

We made this book together in hope of gathering funds to reunite! It’s been two years since we last saw each other and we miss each other loads! With this we are trying to get Lulu flying over to Namie in Australia later in August! 


★ Size: B5 square ( 6.9 “ x 6.9 ”)( 176 mm × 176 mm) 

★ 20 pages. Full colour, Saddle-stitch binding 

★ Pictures in the entire book have never been fully uploaded

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***The last image isn’t in the book, but we drew something as a thanks for looking ^o^

Tá! Eu admito que estou apaixonada por você, mas eu não quero, entende? Na verdade nem eu entendo e estou pedindo para você entender, que loucura minha. Mas eu não quero isso, não quero amar de novo, pois até aqui isso se tornou sinônimo de dor. E você é um bom amigo, me faz sentir bem, então não fale que também esta apaixonado por mim. Não fale que quer passar o resto da sua vida comigo. Diz que era só brincadeira, que só foi uma noite e nada mais. Só não me faça me entregar pra você, não me faça te amar.
—  Ilusões de Esther.

Happy New Year! I think Blink is the type to work during holidays just because that’s all he has lol

2015 was really tiring and tough on me and the people around me… In the end being an adult is like trying to enjoy what you did as a kid despite not having freedom to.

Still, I try to draw things I love and for people I love because I want to! Drawing and improving is really fun. Even though it’s getting increasingly harder and harder to make time for it.

Reflecting on that, posting allows me and motivates me to do this. So keeping this blog is really, really important to me.

I know some people think of me as just some drawing or fandom feed and that is ok! But since I’m just doing or making whatever I want all the time here, I’m sure that I also do things that many don’t care about. That’s ok! I won’t stop because of that. Ultimately, this blog is for myself.

So when people do care and like my work for what it is that makes me really happy. Hearing that humbly, makes my life worth more living.

I guess what i’m trying to say is, it’s nice if you’ll look forward to things I post in the future ;v; I’ll do my best!

“I’m not saying Xavier isn’t a snake, Harry, I’m just saying you don’t exactly come out innocent either. You were both cruel to one another.” The lift dinged and the doors opened, signalling we’d reached our floor, but we stayed in the car. I sucked in a sharp breath when Harry shifted towards me. It was hard to remember why I was mad when he was pressed so close to me I could feel his breath fan over my face.

“Angel, most men are like dogs. We like to fuck, eat, sleep, and play, and when we are threatened we bark and bite.” Harry leant closer and brushed his lips along my jaw. I shivered. “But make no mistake,  Xavier is a snake, he slithers around always on the defensive and his bite is poisonous.”

“He’s in bed with Drew, I know he’s bad news,” I whispered. I was tired of talking about Xavier and tired of fighting. The lift doors had shut and I wanted Harry to kiss me and slip his hand under my dress but instead he put distance between us. “I’m sorry.”

chapter 18 ‘getting acquainted’ is now on 
1dff and tumblr!