Be with someone who accepts you with all your flaws and imperfection. The one who will love you no matter how hard the situation you’ve both been thru. The one who will understand and listen to your dramas and problems. The one who is loyal to you even though that you’re far away from each other and trust all the things you say. The one who will give their time even though how hassle their situation just to talk to you. The one who will give efforts just to make you smile even if you’re sad or in a bad mood. The one who is willing to lower their pride so the arguments will not stay longer. The one who always text or call you just to check if you’re safe, Have eaten your meal, How’s your day and talking to you until midnight then in the morning when you wake up. If you found this person, Never let them go.

i just want a plot where it’s two rich kids who live in neighboring estates and their families always throw parties together and they have vacation homes in the same spots and their elite parents are too busy to notice when they sneak off to fuck in that second guest bathroom that no one uses or get high in the back library and makeout