There is a sentimental season, early on in the process of mourning, in which you believe that everything you happen to be doing or seeing or eating, the departed person would also have loved to do or see or eat, were he or she still here on earth. Harvey would have loved this fried ball of rice. He would have loved the Pantheon. He would have loved that Rossetti of a girl with her thick black brows.
—  Zadie Smith, in bitter-sweet vein, on the loss of her father

The Cascade

A park that acts as a staircase or a staircase that acts as a park?

The Cascade is the manifestation of Hong Kong’s malleable relationship with its existing physical terrain. Its creators, Edge Design Institute, describe The Cascade as “an artificial landscape that responds to the unique topography of the site: a cascade of steps that creates a public thoroughfare and generates potentials for a delicately- scaled public space that have often been overlooked.”