Sometimes the stars and planets align, the sun comes out and, after 
over a decade of making music together, a band get to headline
Reading and Leeds for the first time and it goes off without a hitch.
Then sometimes, things are sent to test even the most massive of
success stories. This year, that was what happened to Paramore,
and it was in the moments after that they proved just how incredible
they are.Instead of throwing a hissy fit, or breaking down in tears, they gulped
down any nerves, ignored the fact that the whole Main Stage was
without power, sat themselves down and played anyway. In 2014, they’ve played on cruise ships, at festivals and in sold out
arenas all over the world, but never has it felt quite as special - quite
as perfect - as those few minutes during their first ever Reading
headline set. The stage may have been blacked out, they may have
only had an acoustic guitar and just Hayley’s voice, but they had their
entire audience - all 80,000 or so of them - singing every word too.
That’s not something that any band can pull off, but then again,
they are Paramore.
-Sarah Jamienson
Ur emo zodiac shit

Aries: The stripes on Mikey Ways bass
Taurus: Patrick Stump’s sideburns
Gemini: Josh Dun’s ski mask
Cancer: Revenge era Frank’s hair
Leo: Naked Brendon Urie
Virgo: Mikey talking about a waycest fic
Libra: Pete Wentz’s eyeliner
Scorpio: Hayley Williams’ mini bangs
Sagittarius: Pete Wentz poll dancing
Capricorn: Mikey Way trying to talk during an interview
Aquarius: Ray Toro’s hair from the bullets era
Pisces: “I just got so emo I fell apart.”-gerard way


‘Still Into You by Paramore’

This one was really fun because Hayley’s voice is so interesting! It starts blue and goes yellow and orange in the chorus.

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