Cover art for Marvel’s unpublished Ozma of Oz (1976).  Art by “Amazing” Alfredo Alcala.  Colored by Eric Shanower for the Baum Bugle in Winter 1987.

The really depressing thing about this art is that the entire issue was already written and drawn.  It just needed letters and coloring before Marvel pulled the plug, due to a combination of low sales on the first two books, as well copyright issues with the source material.  It’s a major bummer, because Roy Thomas (the writer) and Alfredo Alcala were both really into the project (note Alcala’s reverence to John R. Neill’s art as evidence), and were planning to plow ahead onto the other books (Thomas had already started writing his script for Dorothy and the Wizard).

“But not to those filthy Winkies or, God forbid, QUADLINGS.  Up yours, Glinda!”

Ozma of Oz ad from the end of Marvel’s MGM-style Land of Oz (1975).  Art by “Jazzy” John Romita.

I painstaking restored this one as much as I could, from the pretty horrible original.  Surprise: newsprint from 1975 hasn’t aged well.  My copy of this comic is honestly VG+ (the cover is absolutely immaculate), but the interior pages of comics from this era just look terrible decades later.

Anyway, I love this piece.  I mean, it’s John Romita.  It ain’t gonna suck.  But I’m particularly taken with totally off-model sexy Ozma.  Nicely done, Johnny.

Also, THIS AD IS A LIE.  Ozma of Oz never came out on February 3rd, 1976.  It was apparently canceled once Marvel realized that the source material wasn’t actually public domain yet.  Unless the ad is actually 100% accurate and only Gillikins and Munchkins could buy it.