Nagisa falls asleep on Rei's lap (人´∀`*)
  • Nagisa falls asleep on Rei's lap (人´∀`*)

[NAGISA]: (yawning)
[REI]: Nagisa-kun, please do not sleep on my lap! Nagisa-kun~!!! Aww, come on, are you a child? (laughs) Well, we did practice very long yesterday and woke up very early today…(pats Nagisa and contentedly sighs***) But… 
[NAGISA]: (mumbles in his sleep) Rei-chan…
[REI]: (giggles) I won’t be able to sing if you stay like this. Honestly…



Stana and I spend almost every day together, and it’s nice to know that you can count on the person you work with… We are a united team. “ - Nathan Fillion

It’s weird, because somebody asks him something and i answer for him, and I was like, “Oh My God, have we gotten to that point? Am I answering questions on your behalf now?” You work together long enough, you get to know each other as cohorts, as colleagues, so it’s easy to finish each other’s sentenses. “ - Stana Katic

It’s cleared that Stana and I do love shooting this show, and you can clearly see it onscreen. “ -  Nathan Fillion

Now if we’re making out behind the scenes, I can’t really tell you guys that. “ - Stana Katic

Have you guys seen Stana? She’s beautiful, seductive; it really isn’t hard for me to play with her. She acts without making any mistake. The tone, the position… everything is always perfect. “ - Nathan Fillion

They adore each other. Those two… if Nathan didn’t have a girlfriend, you’d think Stana was his girlfriend. “ - Tamala Jones

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5 Friendly Reminders
  • When he was dying, Sherlock thought of Molly first.
  • She told him to focus, and he did.
  • She told him to fall down on his back, and he did.
  • There was Anderson behind him first but he changed him to Molly when he decided on falling backwards.
  • She told him to control, and he did.

So basically, Molly saved his life twice. He needed her help on saving his life, twice. He trusted her advices. He trusted her. She counted. And she matters the most.