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Heyy!! Can you please make a post for your favorite Kaisoo moments? My kaisoo thirst is getting worst with every single day -__-

My favorite ? Aahh ok, I’ve never posted stuff like this before but I’ll give it a try haha. I hope it won’t be too long ‘cause basically every Kaisoo moment is my favorite <3 

This is one of the best because (I assume) they don’t know they are being filmed

Jongin touching Kyungsoo’s  neck 

The way they are holding hands

Their cute little (mating?) dance

Their eye contact during Wolf

and Kyungsoo biting his lips like wtf is going on here

This is the most sincere hug I’ve seen in my life

Eye contact

and then immediatelly reaching out for each other at the same time

I don’t even know what to say about this but it looks like they are used to it

Soo rubbing Jongin’s finger


Jongin doing this to Kyungsoo

When Chanyeol complained Kyungsoo is not talking to him Nini said that, I bet he knows how to lead his baby Soo into conversations

Singing to each other

The moment Kyungsoo saw Jongin he moved right next to him :3 can you be more obvious

Jealous Jongin

Man he looked so pissed off 

They couldn’t keep their hands off each other that day

Acting cute for his Nini

When Soo pushed away Channie so he can go and hug Jongin instead

Jongin confessing his love (again)

Soo touching Jongin’s butt (and we all know what that led to)

Jongin sitting on Kyungsoo’s… lap

Nini being worried for his baby after he got injured 

Jongin getting shy after seeing Kyungsoo

There are so much more but I think this is getting way too long haha

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Can I request gifs/pics Kyungsoo or Jongin take care of each other coz one of them are hurt? Love yr posts!! Thanks!

ahh thank you so much <3 the only one where i can think of where they’re hurt is these

cause soos voice cracked

and soos throat hurt so jongin massaged it

i have more where neither is hurt but still comforting ha

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hahahah such a good answer though! But yeah I do want the actual answer because I've been away for a few weeks so I missed most stuff that happened with them so that's why I was wondering if there's a lot of kaisoo that happened lately?

well there was this where jongin asked him to buy him shoes on the radio

but face to face jongin got a bit jelly of suho helping soo with the mic

we’re seriously lacking in kaisoo rn

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Louisa unnie! If it's not too much to ask, would you gift me with KaiSoo body appreciation for my burfday? Cinco de Mayo baby in the house lol. We're the same age for a while! (≧∇≦)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOVS MY BEAUTIFUL DARLING <3 i hope you have a wonderful birthday! yesssss hehe i love you <3