We’re always waiting for our lives to begin, figuring we’ll be someone else someday. But what are we waiting for? All we have is now.
—  One Tree Hill
If you’re always looking for reasons not to be with somebody, then you’ll always find them. At some point, you should let go and give your heart what it deserves.
—  One Tree Hill
Sometimes I feel like I need to talk to every single person that's going to start watching OTH

And I need to tell them to not fall in love with Brucas. DON’T DO IT. Because it will hurt you, even years later. You will never get over that ship, even if you go into the show knowing what’s going to happen and you think you’ll be okay with it. 

Is the perfection of Brucas for the short time we had it worth the incredible pain of losing them completely? 

Sometimes I’m not sure it is. 

The boy saw the comet and he felt as though his life had meaning. And when it went away, he waited his entire life for it to come back to him… It was more than just a comet because of what it brought to his life: direction, beauty, meaning. There are many who couldn’t understand, and sometimes he walked among them. But even in his darkest hours, he knew in his heart that someday it would return to him, and his world would be whole again… And his belief in God and love and art would be re-awakened in his heart.
—  Lucas Scott ‘The Comet’

but sometimes they come back