sebastian looks over to chris before they dunk under water and then he takes a big breath with his eyebrows all up and he’s looking down at the pool and he looks very smol despite his huge muscles i love sebastian

okay some of you need to learn the difference between sexualizing a minor and understanding that the grand majority of teens deal with the reality of sex in some way, even if it’s only through the decision not to have any

what i mean is i’m seeing people tell minors not to look at posts about safe sex, sexual health, sex education etc which!!! no!!!! like i get the concern, i really do, but keeping young people who are dealing w/ these feelings and situations right now in the dark is unhelpful and dangerous

What’s up with Emma’s costumes this season?

She’s always had a cool, casual, effortless style with the jeans and boots and leather jackets (with the occasional unfortunate plaid), but every time I see bts for s6 she’s in some prissy high-necked blouse. 

Did Snow empty her Mary Margaret closet and make Emma take all the clothes?

Except MM’s closet pre-pregnancy was all cute J. Crewish dresses and sweater sets; I don’t think she’d be caught dead in these Holly Hobby duds.

Is this supposed to be her “embracing her femininity thanks to a leather-clad pirate”? Why is everyone else’s femininity cute and Emma’s makes her look like a sister-wife? This is what she thinks Killy likes?

Crazy thought

Cracker anticipating Sanji refusing and deprecating their friends’ help is an anticipation to him actually doing it to cut himself off since, well, he doesn’t want them to get killed. But then Luffy just gives him his hat and kicks everybody’s asses, Nami substitutes Pudding in the wedding but nobody finds and the cuffs are opened cause she’s under the veil, then Chopper monster-points the awful Vinsmoke siblings, Sanji kicks his father’s ass, Nami kicks someone’s ass, Carrot eats a lot, Pedro calls his subordinates and they merrily fly towards the sunset.