“thank you for being in my life” I remember you told SHINee World that last year and it made me cry at that time. The fact that you are thankful to us, your fans, moves me, because we are the ones that should say thank you. Thank you for you smile, for your voice, for being so lovely and caring, for being such a perfect leader. I hope you are happy today, tomorrow and forever because you deserve it so much, and I don’t even wanna think about the possibility that you might be not. Surround yourself with the people that love and care about you, specially today since it’s your day! Happy Birthday, Lee Jinki! 

Onew: I love you! (Birthday treat)

I’m so sorry it’s late…I’m blaming Key for distracting me…dunno if you guys have noticed him O.O


-Admin K

You couldn’t help but happily skip up the corridor of the SM Building, towards the familiar practice room of your dear boyfriend Jinki.

Today was his birthday, and you wanted to surprise him by showing up at his practice when he least expected it.

When you finally reached your destination, you took a deep breath before looking at the time.

“He should be getting out now.” You said aloud.

Your thought was confirmed when the door flung open and a very sweaty Minho appeared before your eyes.

“Oh _____-ah!” he said with a welcoming smile. “Looking for Jinki?”

You bowed and greeted him as another sweat covered man appeared from the door. Kibum was holding a towel to his head, hoping it would absorb some moisture while he breathed rather heavily compared to his companion.

They greeted you before giving you entrance to the stuffy practice room where you noticed the mirrors had fogged up. Obviously they had been working hard.

But all of that didn’t matter once your eyes were set upon your boyfriend.

You frolicked to him and once in sight, his arms flung open for you to jump into them.

“Hello ____-ah!” he said with a giant grin that made your heart melt. “What are you doing here?”

You couldn’t help but cuddle into his damp chest, simply being in his presence brought you unexplainable joy, but when he smiled you felt your heart would explode like fireworks.

It couldn’t be helped that you were completely and utterly smitten with the boy. You hadn’t even been going out that long but that barely came to mind once you were around him.

“It’s your birthday!” you exclaimed. “I wanted to surprise you.

You looked up at him, a continuous smile on your lips as his eyes seemed to sadden while he retained his smile.

“Aw that’s so sweet but I only have a break for an hour!”

You were already fully aware of this. You valued every detail he let you in on about his work life so you could attempt to understand him better. You knew his job meant a difficult social life, and you just wanted to make it as easy for him as you could.

“I know. I just wanted to surprise you on your birthday, even if it is for a short while.”

His large muscular arms tightened around you and you felt all his happiness emit from his tight squeeze. He softly kissed your forehead, and you were surprised to find his usually soft lips were now drier than usual.

“Do you want to go get something to drink?” you asked him, taking note that he must be exhausted from his practice.

He would have agreed, if his top wasn’t clinging to him with sweat as water droplets fell from his damp hair.

You really didn’t blame him. If you had been working out for hours on end you wouldn’t particularly want to go out for something to drink, especially as a public figure where the paparazzi were always lurking.

“Oh I probably smell bad…”

You couldn’t help but smile at the blush that crept onto his cheeks as he let you to go grab a towel to try and get rid of the moisture on his face. You quickly pursued and wrapped your hands around his waist.

“Don’t worry about that!” you exclaimed. “You smell fine. And besides it doesn’t bother me.”

His blush brightened on his cheeks at your words, you could tell how grateful he was to you.

You offered to go get him a tea or coffee and sprinted away before he could even attempt to hand you money as you claimed it was your treat on his birthday.

You continued to sprint. You longed to get him a drink and return to him as soon as possible so you could spend as much time as you could with him before he had to practice again.

You may have looked ridiculous, sprinting crazily through a building full of the most beautiful people to have ever graced the earth…but you couldn’t care less. Your boyfriend was the most important thing right now to you and you were set on getting his drink to him.

Panting outside the door you had left him in, you regained yourself for a few moments. You were probably as sweaty as him now.

You quickly opened the door and had begun to say “I’m back!” until your mouth dropped and your jaw hit the floor as you gazed upon your boyfriend’s bare torso.

He had evidently gone to have a shower while you were gone to fetch some snacks and was luckily full clothed except for the t-shirt he was now pulling over his head.

He spun around and was startled by your sudden appearance, and shocked eyes as you thought about what you had just seen.

Your boyfriend and you had never at this point been intimate with each other. You knew he was insecure about his body and now you questioned what on earth he was on about after what you had just seen.

“How long were you standing there?” he asked, worry evident in his voice.

You immediately shut your mouth once you realised you were still gawking at him, knowing if you did so any longer you may not have a boyfriend.

“I just…I…um…wow.” You blurted out, trying to process words but failing to make them make any sort of sense.

He scratched the back of his head nervously as you walked slowly towards him to give him his coffee.

“Ahem…” you said once the coffee was taken from you. “Why have you been hiding that from everyone for so long?”

His eyes shot up at you as he took a slow sip of his hot drink, concentrating deeply on what he was about to say next. His eyes then dropped to the ground, nerves overriding his thoughts as your gaze focused on him.

His sweet little eyes brought sadness to you as you saw how worried he seemed. You ushered for him to sit down and you quickly clambered onto his lap, putting your coffee down so you could wrap your arms around him.

“Oppa…” you said in almost a whisper. “I don’t know why you’re so worried. To be quite honest, you have no idea how shocked I am! You have an amazing body! There’s nothing to be nervous about, I’m not just saying it!”

A small smile curled up on the side of his lips and you took a moment to observe it before continuing.

“Oppa, really. You could do photo-shoots with that type of body and you could have any girl you wanted!”

You were instantly cut off by Jinki’s serious stare. His stern eyes locked with yours and you felt yourself become unable to speak.

“Don’t ever say that!” he said, with a softer tone than his gaze. “There aren’t any other girls I want.”

He placed a hand on your face and took a deep breath.

“I’m not nervous about my body because of the public. I don’t care about being compared to the other members.” He smiled brightly at you once again. “The only opinion that matters is my girlfriend’s.”

You blinked as you contemplated his words, scanning his face for clarification.

“At the end of the day…I want you to be happy. Not anyone else.”

You rested your head on his shoulder. “Oppa you’re so silly.”

He looked down at you, wondering what your statement meant before you sat up with a smile to look him in the eye.

“You have no reason to be nervous! Your body is fabulous but I’d rather you be happy with yourself than you trying to make me happy. I’m happy as long as you’re happy!”

You placed a soft kiss on his lips and you immediately tasted the coffee that had passed them a few minutes earlier.

“Aww _____-ah.” He said with a giant smile. “I love you!”

Your eyes widened at those last three words. They were words you hadn’t heard from his lips before and more importantly, they were directed at you.

You giggled and rested your forehead against his. “Really Oppa?”

He chuckled. “Of course I do. You make me so happy _____-ah!”

You squealed and wrapped your arms around your boyfriend, squeezing him and causing him to laugh at your force.

“I love you too Jinki!”

You both sat in each other’s embrace laughing and giggling like little children that heard Christmas has come early.

“I haven’t even given you your present yet.” You laughed as you ran a hand through his now dry, fluffy hair.

He glanced at the clock and frowned.

“It might have to wait Jagiya. The members are ten minutes late!”

You giggled again and he looked at you curiously.

“Well that’s the thing Oppa.” You said. “Your present is that you get the day off to spend with me for the rest of the day.”

He giggled excitedly and pulled you up to your feet and into his arms once again, that beautiful smile lighting up the whole room.

Placing another kiss on your lips, he repeated his previous words.

“I love you!”