They say red is the color of the heart but the Third Corazon deems it to be the color of vengeance, of blood spilled, of blood sacrificed. It will be the color of the sea or the earth once he’s done with those who oppose him. Black is the color of his world—of this god-forsaken world filled with twisted evils masquerading as saviors and saints. He dons white for his family of doctors, for the fallen town of Flevance. They will never die and will never be forgotten. The feathers on his shoulders are his pride and purpose, the second chance given to him by the Heavenly Demon himself.

He will make kings fall. He will make gods bleed. He will make the world crumble at his feet.

Trafalgar Law. The Third Corazon.

Commissioned by @malcolm6  

Based on my earlier designs of Third Corazon Trafalgar Law  
Posted this watermarked, resized version with her permission.