One Piece Chapter 731 was so
Amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And as a Bellamy fan girl I was put through an emotional roller coaster since I love him so much!!!!! Glad I got to see him a lot in this chapter!

1) As soon as I saw Bellamy beaten I immediately got frustrated with Dellinger >.> ugh stay away from my Bellamy!!!! But then I saw Barto protecting him and I was like……thank you :’) thank you sooooo much I freaking loved Barto in this chapter.

2) When Bellamy started crying and said he had nothing to live for….. I JUST WANTED TO GIVE HIM THE BIGGEST HUG!!!! I don’t pity him i just care so much about his character now. I hated him before but he truly is a loyal subordinate so I really respect him for that.

3) Even after being betrayed Bellamy still respects Doflamingo. That’s what I like most about his character- his loyalty. People say that Bellamy will just join Luffy to defeat Joker but I never agreed with that assumption bc he’s too loyal.

- I have no idea what he’s planing to do now after he left the collosium but I wish ya the best Bellamy good luck! Oh and if Barto asks you to join his crew DO IT ^.^


One Piece Funny Moment

Zoro: Hey now, what’s with the lifeless responses? 

C & N & S & L & U: WE MISS HER! (Vivi) 

Zoro: Quit whining about it. If you didn’t want to leave her behind you should’ve just taken her by force!

Chopper: You neanderthal.

Nami: You suck.

Sanji: Marimo.

Luffy: Santouryuu.

Usopp: Wait, Luffy. “Santouryuu” isn’t an insult. 

Luffy: Yontouryuu.