moment of silence for the missed opportunities in once more with feeling without cordelia, oz and faith

  • faith expecting herself to have some hardcore rock ballad if anything but it ends up being a slow, sad ballad about craving acceptance and validation and the whole time she’s trying to shut herself up through various techniques like holding her hands over her face and sticking her face underwater but she won’t stop fucking sINGING
  • cordelia is getting SO impatient waiting for her bursting-into-song moment that she just starts singing everything without needing to. when she Finally gets her moment and the music starts swelling for her, she coughs, and realizes she’s lost her voice. fu ck.
  • oz. my man oz. it doesn’t affect him but no one else seems to notice?? and every time there’s a group number when the camera focuses on him it just goes Dead Silent. no singing. every scene, every song– he just looks into the camera like he’s on the office.

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Im watching the musical episode of buffy and singing along because im such a goddamn nerd. (Also lowkey super gay for tara in her dress with the shiny corset)

A true Buffy fan ONLY watches OMWF singing along, THERE IS LITERALLY NO OTHER WAY TO WATCH THAT EPISODE. (I even say the lines,so you’re definitely not a nerd. Also, I sing the entire soundtrack almost every time I take a shower.)

Anonymous said:(Im the musical episode watching anon) “Youre the cutest of the scoobies with your lips as red as rubies and your firm yet supple— TIGHT EMBRACE” still never fails to make me crack up. (That and the Mustard song. And the Ticket lady)

There’s not a single moment in that episode that I don’t love, so I totally get you :)

Buffy AU where all the characters burst into random song and Willow fucks Tara after Tara serenades her in a Renaissance dress and Xander and Anya sing and dance in silk pajamas to a perfectly coordinated number and mortal enemies Buffy and Spike sing angsty songs before they passionately kiss as the music swells and…

oh wait that’s all f-ing canon 


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2gDLA3fWAI)

How the fuck did I not realise that the end of this song is a (not even covert) sex euphemism the first time I watched OMWF?

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Awww a Willow/Buffy hug ! That was so cute ! My favorite girls ! You reblogged a gigantic recap of OMWF and i found myself listening to the soundtracks... again ! What's your favorite song ? (this is an ask, so i'm asking ;) ) Standing always makes me so emotionnal, Rest in Peace cause Spike's tragic love for Buffy is maybe my favorite thing in btvs (except for Willow just... existing ?) and walk through the fire really resonates when i face life's adversities ! Plenty of hugs coming your way !

Here’s another hug for you…

FYI, I didn’t just reblog the OMWF recap, I wrote it. 

It’s really difficult to pick just one song because tbh I love all of them for different reasons. But if I had to choose, I think it’d be a tie between Going Through the Motions and Walk Through the Fire. And Something to Sing About is a close third. Buffy is my fave, and I love all of her songs. 


Behind the Scenes of Once More With Feeling

CGI smoke, and then the real deal, and then… Spike, bringing her the rest of the message. And I knew where I was going with this episode. And the two things that needed to happen for them to get where they were gonna go, at the end were: one, for Spike to say "go away”, for him to tell her once and for all “just leave me alone”, because nothing attracts somebody more than telling them to go away. Believe me, as a fellah who’s had many restraining orders in his time… what a turn-on. But you know, the moment you say to someone “you know what, I’m my own person, I don’t need you, you know I love you, but I don’t want you near me” is the moment they start to take you seriously, and that’s just the truth of it. And then, that he would save her. That he would be the person who would bring her the message of hope, even though it’s the classic in my stuff, really desolate, almost pathetic hope. Still, those were the two things that would get them to the smoochy place and where they will inevitably end up. Because this is a musical, and if it doesn’t end with a kiss, I’m doing something wrong.“ – Joss Whedon (”Once More, With Feeling“ Commentary)