A Most Certain, Strange, and true Discovery of a Witch.

This 1643 woodcut shows a witch surfing on a plank across the River Kennet at Newbury. Shot at by Parliamentarian soldiers, she reportedly caught and ate the musket balls, until finally being brought down.

Witches, having rejected baptism (as the demonologists saw it) could not sink in water, which rejected them. Hence their ability to sail in sieves (Scotland), and the notorious swimming test promoted by the 1613 pamphlet, Witches Apprehended, Examined and Executed.

This is one of the most economically advanced capital cities in the world and it still has remains from centuries ago.

The fortifications on the right and the general layout of the lower part of this city was built in 963!
The world has no excuse for letting beautiful places like these to disappear. Change and modification for modernisation are necessary but the collision in between old and new makes Luxembourg one of my favourite places on Earth and yet it is so underappreciated.