Okay but wait Finnick’s Hunger Games was before Annie’s, that means he mentored her. Imagine teenaged Finnick developing feelings for this sweet, gentle girl and fighting it all the while because he knows she doesn’t have a chance of coming out of the arena alive. Imagine him watching the Games, his relief when Annie doesn’t die at the Cornucopia, when she made it to a safe hiding place. Imagine him staring at the screen, waiting for the announcement that she was dead, clutching Mags’ hand in a deathgrip for comfort. And imagine his growing disbelief as the tributes dwindled and she was still hiding, safe and sound, and he almost lets himself start hoping she’ll make it. Imagine him doing unspeakable things for various Capitol citizens to get the money to send her little tribute gifts. And then, when the arena floods, as the other tributes start going under one by one, him and Mags are staring at the screen and then, finally, the camera cuts to Annie - the least interesting of the tributes but the last one alive, treading water with an expression of shock until she gets lifted out. And imagine when shes’ reunited with her mentors, and Finnick runs to her and throws his arms around her and holds onto her tight as she sobs and knows he’s never letting her go ever again.

Okay, so I was re-reading Mockingjay (only the part where Finnick and Annie are reunited up until Finnick goes off to his death, because I just can’t go any futher) when I came across a part where Finnick says to Annie, “If we’re going to fit in that walk, we better go.” It just made me so happy. It’s the fact that they made time to just go on a walk together, i mean it’s such a mundane thing to do but it’s just so cute because they just like being together

I have a lot of feelings about Finnick and Annie trying to navigate having a romantic relationship even though he was her mentor and the Capitol makes everything dangerous so when they meet Beetee and Wiress and realize that the older couple also have a romantic relationship, they feel this kinship and are so happy to have someone to get advice from.


Joniss/Odesta Artist AU-

Hot water got turned off,

can’t pay it ‘till the car gets fixed.

Got some money that I’ll probably spend at the bar this weekend,

In my stupid land of all my dreams

I’ve gone crazy 'cause I love what you’ve got

You could come over but the pile of dirty socks,

outside my door might turn you off a little.

It might turn you off a lot.

-Family of the Year “Stupidland”

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Annie has a nightmare about Finnick.

My legs felt like they were made out of lead since I couldn’t seem to move them fast enough and my voice was gone. I felt the pain in my throat from so much screaming but no sound came out. I kept running though and right before I was about to reach him I stopped moving. Not voluntarily of course, but there was something that restrained me, kept me from reaching him.

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Can you write a sweet one that wont make me cry? pretty plz, whatever you want as long as it has happy sweet odesta love

Annie leaned back against Finnick’s chest and sank her feet into the warm summer sand as gentle waves fizzled on the beach before them. The remains of their picnic still lay sprawled across their beach towel, and one by one, gulls began to circle them, squawking for food. Finnick flicked them a leftover piece of lettuce, and they squabbled for it. Annie let out a laugh and flung a fish bone into the fray. 

The two of them giggled as they tossed their scraps to the gulls—bits of bread and cheese and bone they fished from the bottom of their basket. Some of the birds grew bold as they neared their towel, picking at the picnic for themselves. Finnick shooed at them, but it didn’t stop one from reaching forward and plucking a prize from their towel. 

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