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On Star Trek: Discovery


Okay. The intial excitement has faded (lies lies lies) And I’m ready to discuss it properly. To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure what to think. I will reserve final judgement for after the show is out and I’ve watched it, of course. But here are some thoughts.

/!\ WARNING: (my negative thoughts will be in bold, if you don’t want to read them then please don’t. I hate to be a party pooper, so if yall are excited and happy with the trailer just skip the bold parts :D)

The Cast:

I’m really excited about the cast. And the choice of characters! We’re getting our second female captain (as opposed to 4 (four) male captains, so I will ask all the assholes out there to stop whining, if you please).

The main character is also female AND it’s not the captain! I know some of you may not agree with this but I’m actually really happy they chose to make the main character a regular officer. It’s a change, first of all. I don’t think we’ve ever had a Trek series and/or movie that centers around anyone else but the captain. This is refreshing.

New aliens! That are part of the crew! I hope this means we’ll get to learn about new alien cultures as well.
VULCANS! Possibly on Planet Vulcan. YES. ALWAYS YES TO VULCANS. And our main character seems to have vulcan roots? Interesting. I just hope they won’t fall into the same Spock narrative. They know that works, they know that Spock is still one of the most popular characters today, I hope they won’t exploit that and just give the new character an old storyline.

The Aesthetics™:

The costumes? Yeeeeaaaah. The Starfleet uniforms are 1) BADASS 2) the logical continuation of what we see in Star Trek: Enterprise. The design makes sense; it feels like something in between the uniforms in Enterprise and the Starfleet uniforms in TOS. 

The one Vulcan we saw looks very Vulcan, just like the ones we know from TOS, TNG and beyond. (although a tiny bit too much like the Reboot Vulcans for my taste)

The Klingons. Please. Why. WHY MUST YOU DO THIS. I was enjoying the trailer so much up until the point we saw - I don’t even want to call them Klingons. So much like those hideous Reboot Klingons.

On a more serious note: what really bothers me with the Klingons, more than the hair and ugly forehead ridges, is that they look monstrous. Beastly. In a way that clearly gives off evil vibes. It feels like we’re going to have pure evil Klingons with no hope of understanding or dialogue at all. Please, Bryan Fuller, Nicholas Meyer, whoever has a say in this, please say it ain’t so.

The ship. Now here I’m torn. On the outside she’s beautiful. And the corridors/hallways look pretty decent and trek-like. But I absolutely hate the lens flare (JJ Abarms, anyone?) And it all looks like some generic sci-fi action movie. I didn’t get that trek vibe, that “this is the future but it’s not foreign and scary and eerie, it’s welcoming and warm and fun”. I just didn’t get that feeling. I hope I’m wrong.

The Plotline:

Some of the details we saw in the trailer seem very interesting. The main character’s relationship with vulcan. The captain and her crew. This threat menacing the federation. I’m curious.

BUT. I feel - and I pray to the Prophets that I’m wrong! - I feel like despite the series’ name, there’s going to be very little discovering and more explosions, space battles and world-saving. Not that I’m totally against that. After it that’s also fun. But can we have more than that? Can we have the exploration, the discovery. I want this new series to seek out new life and new civilizations!

All that being said, I must reserve final judgement for after I’ve actually seen the show.
If anyone wants to discuss this with me please feel free to message me! My askbox is open to everyone!

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Kiss meme. 19 Scotty and Jaylah (if you'd like) or a ship of your choosing

“Aye, I can see that you’ve been settlin’ in quite nicely here Lassie” he remarked leaning against the doorway of Jaylah’s dorm at Starfleet Academy. She’d been sending him reports and they’d been communicating through subspace transmissions, but as she was getting an award he felt it important to not only attend along with the crew, but personally stop by to see her afterwards.

“Montgomery Scotty!” she cried out, fiercely jumping into his quite unready arms as she hugged him tightly. She’d seen the crew during the ceremony and waved, being told several times to obey the Starfleet code of conduct. She held him time taking a moment to enjoy the feeling before pulling back.

“They give me these metal things..I like the way they look, but I don’t want to wear it” she smiled pulling back as she took the medals off and placed them in their cases.

“Ye don’ hafta but it’s right impressive. Both a J.Bruce award and a Campbell? You’ve got quite the future in Engineering if tha’s what ya want” he spoke watching as she turned and almost bounced back to him, eager to stay in his prescence.

“I know nothing of this J. Campbell Bruce..they give me these because I am good at Engineering” she paused realizing that he’d known that already since he was there. “You have to leave soon again? In your house…your ship” she stated not wanting to allow him to depart.

“We’ve only got a short window of time, but..there’s no need to be misty eyed, I’m sure I c’n persuade Jim to” he started to say but was taken off guard by the force of her body being slammed against his. He wasn’t sure what to expect fully, but within minutes it was clear.

The kisses came off as a mix of desire and desperation, not that she was needy in any respect, but he could just feel that she wanted him to stay. He held onto her kissing her back not trying to tear away either. 

Jaylah’s hand’s weren’t busy, merely holding on to him as if for fear of letting go to loose him. She pulled back, eyes pleading with him, something he had only seen once before.

“Stay for a while Montgomery Scotty” she stated, thinking about saying more but stopped when he pulled her back to him.

“I’ll give it all I’ve got” he said with a small joke before returning his attention to her.

Why did you come before this council today? Was it to satisfy your emotional need to rebel?

Vulcan Council President

This is by far my favourite and most hated line in Star Trek. Favourite, because it broadly encapsulates everything Spock had to go through as a half-human living on Vulcan (and would continue having to go through had he gone to the science academy). And most hated because it’s just awful

Spock went to the council with every intention of joining the Vulcan science academy and spending the rest of his life on Vulcan in proper Vulcan fashion. Despite everything he went through as a child, despite all the strange looks and the teasing and the micro-aggressions that told him, clear as day, that Vulcans thought of him as lesser, Spock still believed that if he proved he was as good as everyone else on Vulcan - better, even - that he would finally be accepted and everyone would put their prejudices about his human nature behind him. 

And then, while congratulating him, the Vulcan Council President says to him “It is truly remarkable, Spock, that you have achieved so much despite your disadvantage”. And for the first time, Spock realises that they will never change the way they see him. That it doesn’t matter how hard he worked to prove that his half-human side doesn’t make him lesser; that his mother isn't less than Vulcans just because she’s human. All the Vulcans see is Spock overcoming some sort of disability. That his human side was holding him back, but he managed to overcome it. 

And that’s how they’re always going to see it. 

And so Spock rejects their offer, entirely because of their actions and their prejudices against him. And that is their response. “Was it to satisfy your emotional need to rebel”. Because even though it was their prejudice and their words and their insults and their opinions that humans are less than Vulcans, they still manage to make it Spock’s fault. They manage to make it Spock's human faults that he has rejected their offer. It’s not the way he has been and always will be treated; it’s because there’s something inherently wrong with him. 

And isn’t that just how the world works? A black person gets followed around every store they go into, and get cold looks and slurs used both behind their back and to their face. And when they finally snap and yell back, they’re being aggressive, because all black people are aggressive. Or when women get catcalled everywhere they go on the street in increasingly threatening ways. But as soon as she responds in anyway that’s less than polite, she’s being a bitch or she’s a man-hating feminist, and she should learn to take a “compliment”. 

This scene is such a perfect display of how the aggressor will go to any lengths to make a confrontation seem like the victim’s fault, no matter how despicable their behaviour or how justified their victim was in biting back. And you know that that word will follow Spock’s name around Vulcan society for years to come. There won’t be any mention of the hardships he faced as a half-human Vulcan. It’ll just be “He did it to rebel against the Vulcan Council. It’s because he’s so human.” Because in their eyes, it will always be his human faults that are to blame. 

i wonder what the statistics are at star fleet academedy? like whats the student to teacher ratio, the acceptance rate, the drop out rate, the number of required corses for each track,what is the ratio for shirts, like can u be undeclared?,what happens if you ur like a plant guy do u still have to take a fighting class, is it is like the military, why are there uniforms, what happens when u wanna quit, do you sign a contract? whats the tuition? can u get scholarships, has Jim ever TA’ed? how did spock become a teacher, is bones actually allowed to graduated even though he wasent on an accelerated track like kirk, do u have to have on campus housing. is there a system like ratemyprofessor in the future. what sat and act do you need? can u transfer in from a comunnity college? is it a grad school? can it be undergrad? is it almost strictly miltary? can u do the thing like the military that if u stay for so long they pay for ur college? are there classes that have nothing to do with space?? is there a theater troupe?? IS THERE A BAND?? the the royal marines band (thats a thing right?) what kind of clubs are there,i bet there is an anime club.ARE THERE FRATS? i have so many questions

Title: Unraveling

Author: AnnaKnitsSpock

Pairing: K/S AOS

Length: 34090

Content: NC-17

Summary: When the Enterprise receives a December assignment to accompany a Federation investigation on Tarsus IV, Jim is forced to confront not only the trauma he experienced there, but also his conflicted feelings about Christmas, his childhood, and his first officer.

Overall: GREAT AOS Tarsus fic with some nice personal touches. This is the same author of When Snow the Pasture Sheets (one of my faves) and this fic is just as good with just as much angst and beauty OH GOD and the way Spock and Kirk slowly get together and yeah, v good.

The “Star Trek” TV show was always more philosophically bent, as you were apt to point out. A lot of talking, not a lot of fighting. So George Lucas sees “Star Trek” and he goes, “I like the ‘Star.’ I don’t like the 'Trek’ so much. If we’re gonna go to space, let’s make a war.” So he turns “Star Trek” into “Star Wars”. Now J.J. Abrams, a big fan of “Star Wars” as a kid, grows up to make a “Star Trek” movie that is less like the “Star Trek” TV show. They don’t really philosophize in the J.J. “Star Trek” movie they’re just like, “Run, Spock! Things are dying!” It’s very active, very action-oriented. And based on doing that, they gave J.J. Abrams “Star Wars”. And we used to fight about which one was better, “Star Trek” or “Star Wars”, and now they’re the exact same thing, man.
—  –Kevin Smith, Comic Book Men