Chameleon Circuit Songs That Don't Include Alex or Ed

A little late, but I’ve made a list of CC songs that don’t feature Alex Day or Eddplant as prominent vocalists, for anyone who wants to know which songs to keep in their iTunes and such.

Chameleon Circuit

  • Gallifreyan History 101
  • Count the Shadows
  • Blink
  • K9’s Lament
  • Friends of the Ood

Still Got Legs

  • The Subwave Signal
  • Nightmares
  • Travelling Man
  • Mr Pond
  • Big Bang Two
  • Eleven


Also check out my newest playlist? It’s songs by YouTube scumbags, covered by ladies.

Sexual Abuse and YouTube

It seems like a lot of stuff is coming to light about the male YouTube population. I’m not glad that it’s happening, but I’m glad people are talking about it, because it needs to stop. I hope this post will contribute to that.

I was coerced into having sexual contact with Alex Day.

I met him when I was 17 and a fan of his videos, and after talking online for less than a month he invited me to stay over at his place. I was initially adamant that nothing would happen between us and he initially agreed, but continually expressed a disregard for that further into our interactions.

Once we were sleeping in the same room (as what I thought of as “just friends”) and he woke me up by kissing me and touching me sexually.

I’m going to repeat that: I was asleep, I had fallen asleep stating my desire to have no sexual contact with him, and he woke me up by violating those wishes. I know for a fact I’m not the only girl he’s done this with.

He cheated on his girlfriends with me multiple times, and with several other girls (that I know of).

When sitting next to him, he would tell me I wouldn’t be able to turn my head towards him without him trying to kiss me. I’d sit in the same position until my neck hurt and then he’d try to kiss me anyway.

Once, he complained to me “Can we skip the part where you say no for an hour before anything happens? It’s tiring.”

I never had a sexual interaction with him where I fully consented without having to be convinced by him for a long time before it happened. There were a lot more instances of this than mentioned above.

He managed to convince me that this was a mutual thing. In hindsight, it definitely wasn’t. He messed me up deeply on a mental level. I wanted to please him because he talked a lot about how as soon as someone in his life did something he didn’t like, he would cut them out completely.

I understand this post won’t hold much weight because I’m not ready to have my identity associated with this. It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with it and I don’t want to be pulled back into a place where I have any interactions with him at all.

I don’t want to take this further. I just wanted my word out there in the hopes that other people who have been abused emotionally, sexually or physically by these people who have a great deal of influence over a large number of teenage girls won’t be as afraid to come forward. It’s time to stop letting things like this happen.

Eventually, you learn that shooting stars don’t fall to earth, that you can’t keep stardust in your pockets, that you cannot wrap your fingers around everything you were wishing for.
Eventually, someone comes crashing down from the pedestal you put them on.
Eventually, you Google the person who’s been on a poster in your bedroom since the seventh grade and find things like “sexual assault” and “rape” tied up in sentences with the name that you’ve been scrawling across your binders for as long as can you remember.
Eventually, these stars come crashing from the sky and you can’t even bring yourself to search the Earth for starlight.
Eventually, you have to find someone else to light up your world.
—  On fallen idols.
Good Morning Sunshine (by Alex Day)

So in celebration of Alex Day’s new album, (and since I felt like singing) here is a quick vocal cover of one of my favorite tracks of his; Good Morning Sunshine.

If you still support Alex day please please just don’t do that. If you are basing your opinions on his video explaining the situation, please watch it unbiased. I did and realized how manipulative it is. He’s manipulating everyone to believe he isn’t wrong so he can return to his position of power. Please don’t give him the satisfaction or the power. Just educate yourself on what consent is and why Alex day is so so wrong

please do not watch alex day's new video

don’t give him the time of day, it’s not worth it. also it's monetized so it will benefit his pocket. i know he says he will give the money to charitable causes or whatever but please do not support him. for people who want to see the video i have spent the past 3.5 hours transcribing it for you. here it is. disclaimer: i stopped using punctuation at one point because i just couldn't type quickly enough and i wanted it out tonight so sorry about that. also it is a wall of text. 

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