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Robert Downey Jr

The Spanky Taylor Company

3727 W.Magnolia

Suite 300

Burbank, CA 91505


Chris Evans

3 Arts Entertainment

9460 Wilshire Blvd

7th Floor

Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Chris Hemsworth

Mark Morrissey and Associates

16 Princess Avenue

Rosebery NSW 2018


Mark Ruffalo

United Talent Agency

9336 Civic Centre Drive

Beverly Hills, CA 90210 - 3604


Tom Hiddleston

C/O Hamilton Hodell

5th Floor, 66 - 68 Margaret Street

London, W1F 8HW, UK

Benedict Cumberbatch

C/O Conway Van Gelder Grant

3rd Floor, 8 - 12 Broadwick Street, London, W1F 8HW, UK

Karen Gillan

Independent Talent Group

Oxford House

76 Oxford Street


London, W1D 1BS

Matt Smith

Troika 3rd floor

74 Clerkenwell Road

London, London, EC1M SQA

Alex Kingston

Lou Coulson Associates Ltd

1st Floor, 37 Berwick Street

London, W1F 8RS

David Tennant

Independent Talent Group

Oxford House

76 Oxford Street


London, W1D 1BS

[Any NCIS Cast Member]

26030 Avenue Hall

Box 4, Valencia



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“No one has claimed responsibility for the explosion at this isolated farm house in the Israeli country side, but with earlier reports indicating the house previously belonged to former Mossad Director Eli David, authorities are assuming a terrorist attack”


Q: Is your departure related to Ziva’s?
MW: In a sense I suppose it is. But I think that even if she was still there it’d be time for, I mean I think that she left in part because she felt that it was time to go as well. You know things run their course. So, I love Cote de Pablo a lot and we were together, we had a party at my friend Andrew’s apartment in New York and my wife and I and all of our friends were there and Cote came to the party and it was beautiful to see her and then she writes me these very long emails that you really have to sit down, because she, you know, she’s not a simple thing. You engage with Cote, it’s two hours of like deep, deep, deeeep stuff and it’s—she has a poet’s heart. She’s an exhausting and wonderful friend.


[..] We wanted to build-in the sense that he was, too big for the pot. I mean he was like a plant that needed to get put out. And, properly planted in the wild. And so I think that’s what happened to DiNozzo, he’s been sort of altered forever by becoming a father.
And by losing, at least seemingly losing, the love of his life, Ziva and I think all those story points were sort of brought together wonderfully by the..I mean they had a lot to accomplish. And it allowed me to really say goodbye to the character correctly. (x)