You know what’s making me sick?

“NCIS went downhill after Cote left!“
”All characters are out of character with no Ziva being there!“
„Tony is just the side kick for Gibbs these days!“
„Bishop is such an unrealistic character!“

These things and a whole lot more are nothing but bullshit.

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  • me on a date:so, do you miss ziva on ncis?
  • date:actually, i never really liked her. i didn't like her and tony together either.
  • me, shoving breadsticks into my purse:i'm sorry but i have to leave. like right now. immediately.

tiva + a life together

Dear Ziva, we could’ve had a life together, all of it, the whole thing. A marriage, some children, however many we wanted. A life. I wanted a life with you. I should’ve told you earlier, I should’ve stopped and looked at you and told you but I was scared and you were scared and we weren’t ready. I’m ready now. Isn’t that ironic? I’m ready right now, I’m still scared but not being with you is so much scarier. I can’t wait but I will. I’ll wait and wait and wait for you, holding my breath, trying to breathe at all.

I can’t breathe, Ziva.

We could’ve had a life together.