A Cherik Mulan AU

A Cherik Mulan AU with alpha/omega dynamics, where Charles is an omega who pretends to be alpha to fight in the war and save his alpha sister Raven from being killed; and Erik is the omega captain who has to teach Charles and the rest how to fight. 

Bonus: Erik tormenting himself with his unusual attraction to Charles. 

Second bonus: A classic Charles in heat scene. 


Mulan by jenniferrxv


walt disney land in orlando has upcoming auditions for princess look alikes. they are looking for: 

  • Princess Tiana - Female, 5'5" - 5'8", with a slender build and confident, outgoing personality. 
  • Pocahontas - Female, 5'4" - 5'6", with a slender build and confident personality. 
  • Mulan - Female, 5'2" - 5'6", with a slender build and confident personality.

and i definitely think y’all should all work your magic and represent these amazing princesses and go and audition!! HERE is a link to more information about auditioning