This was a quick Ref I made for Fairy on Toyhouse. Still workin on addin other stuff too but at least it has like general colors and proportions down.

Fairy is my Sona
They’re the Dreamon of Sweet Dreams who generally just try to bring good feels wherever they go. Some of their abilities include mild shapeshifting, floating, and breathing a type of dream smoke (Still not sure what it does. caught between it putting folks to sleep with good dreams it causing miscellaneous things to happen like the move metronome)

They are often seen traveling with Oranhamme the Dreamon of Material Dreams. The two tend to go hand in hand, good vibes and comfort. 

Fairy is kind, empathetic, idealistic, shy, gullible, easily-distracted, and silly. They may be quiet at first but open up around those they’re comfortable with. Their belief in the good of all things is strong but they are also susceptible to strong feeling of self-doubt as well. Fairy often bottles up their feelings as not to disrupt the good times. 

Anywho! Thanks as always for watchin!
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