Six months ago my life was drastically altered. I had no other choice but to move to a foreign country and it has been the hardest experience of my life- mostly because I am over 3000 miles away from the person I love the most. His name is Chris and he is the best thing to ever happen to me. I felt like I needed a way of showing him how much he meant to me and how he has impacted my life forever. Before I left, he introduced me to one of his favorite movies “Princess Mononoke” and I instantly became attached with the forest spirits, also known as Kodamas. I decided to make stencils of them and spray paint them in places that reminded me of him. Over the painful six months we have spent apart from one another we have only grown closer despite the distance. I cant even comprehend how much this person has done for me. Using wheatpaste, I put up Kodamas in certain spots I pass by on a daily basis in Berlin to constantly remind me of the one person I miss, love, and think about every day.