Neighbor Girl

So this is my first horrible attempt at MMFD Fanfic. Please be kind! Also, I am very American so my Britishisms could very easily be completely wrong. It’s going to be around 12 parts. Enjoy!!

Part 1

“Chlo you do know you have to actually clean the dishes you put in the sink right?” Rae asked holding up a dish with green goo dripping from it that had been there for the better part of three weeks. Chloe took the dish from Rae’s hand and put it back in the sink.

“Yes, I do know that Rae.” Chole replied in a joking tone as she approached Rae standing over the sink. “I’m just letting them soak a little.” She shrugged her shoulders and turned the faucet on, letting the water cascade down the pile of dirty dishes.

“Well it’s not just about you knowing Chlo. I would actually like for you to do something about it. For fuck’s sake Chloe, you’re making me sound like me mum. Look, I know I’m the new girl in this apartment, I get it. I’ve only lived here for a month while you two have been living together the whole time I was at Uni and it’s just something you’ve always done.” 

Chloe raised her eyebrows, thinking Rae’s rant was over. Izzy peeked her head over the couch in the living area doing her best to stay out of this conversation.  “But I’ve talked to Izzy about it and it seems she doesn’t much like it either.” Rae looked past Chloe to Izzy while Chloe turned to do the same. Izzy’s eyes grew larger when she realized she was now the center of this debate. There was a thud outside and Izzy rushed to the window. She peeked between the blinds.

“Oh look! Someone’s moving into the flat next to us.” Izzy waved her hand, signaling the other girls to join her at the window, peeking at the two lads carrying a sofa up the drive. Chloe raised the blinds so all three of them could see better. The one with side burns was telling the other one to lift his end higher.

“Did he just refer to his arms as prized pistols?” Chloe laughed. The one who was being yelled at dropped his side of the sofa and started walking towards his new apartment in a huff, tightening the flannel shirt around his waist. “That one that just walked into the apartment is quite fit.” Chloe got closer to the window to get a better view.

“He looks like a lad that knows that he’s fit though.” Rae replied. “Probably pretty shallow.”

And then, like a scene from a really awful movie that Chloe always made Rae and Izzy watch, a perfect human specimen drove up and began pulling things from his car to take inside. Rae nudged Chloe over so she could get a better look at the boy who just arrived. The lad removed a guitar case first from his car and started carrying it up the drive, greeting the one still trying to carry the couch inside by himself. The one with the guitar pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and Rae let out a sigh. The one with the side burns glanced up at the girl’s apartment and Rae faltered. “We can’t just stand here watching them. We need to stop.”

“Good point Rae, we should go over and introduce ourselves.” Chloe leaned back from the window and shut the blinds, adjusting her bra and checking her teeth for lipstick in the mirror.

“What? No!” Rae walked away from the window and plopped herself down on the settee. “I didn’t mean that.”

“Come on Rae.” Chloe extended her arm to encourage Rae to get up. Izzy took one more peek out the window at the boy with the sideburns and turned to stand next to Chloe.

“We’ll have to meet them eventually. Might as well meet them now.” Izzy gave Rae a quick smile and opened the door. Reluctantly, Rae got up and followed the two outside to meet the new neighbors.