Last Christmas - Chapter 4

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A/N: I’m aware this story is only marginally Christmassy. I … don’t know if it’s enough, but it feels okay in spots, and I think I have a better idea of where it’s going now. This chapter’s pretty long, almost 5K; hope it’s worth it! 

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Rae slipped her key into the lock of the front door, turned it, pushed the door open, and stepped inside. The door shut behind her, and she made sure it was latched securely. She still had the carrier bag from the record shop clutched in her hand, and she leaned back against the door frame for a moment. The house was quiet and still and her sense of hearing seemed heightened. She could hear the clock ticking in the kitchen, her heart pounding in her ears, the creak of the electric fire in the lounge.  

She didn’t know what to make of it. She’d spent the whole day with this proper fit lad. This proper nice lad. She’d met his nan. They’d talked about music and families and, well, loads of stuff, really. And now, what? Was that it?

If that was it … well, what was it? She’d never be able to tell anyone, not that she even really wanted to. It was like something special, something sacred. For a few hours, she was allowed to feel almost normal. Or, at least, not forced to confront just how AB-normal she felt.

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The Fight

(Haha let’s pretend it hasn’t been months since I posted. I found this story on my phone and finished it off real quick so it might seemed rushed at the end.)

Basically there is a fight but everything turns out well.


It was Saturday afternoon and the gang had all agreed to hang out at the pub.
Rae didn’t really feel like going out especially since Archie had phoned her to tell her he wouldn’t be able to make it out today. She thought of just getting Finn to come to hers and they could just spend the day together. Still the rest of the gang would be there and she could feel she might start getting into a downward spiral if she spent too much time alone. And it couldn’t be just her and Finn all the time either. So her decision was made and out she went.
In the pub as she approached the gang’s usual table she noticed their was some additions to the group. Along with Finn (God’s gift to her), Chloe (bezzie mate), Chop and Izzy (Chizzy?) were two other lads she vaguely recognized.
As soon as she sat next to Finn he put his arm around her waist. She knew that was his defense mechanism when he wanted people to know she was with him. “Alright Rae”? Chloe greeted her with a smile. She smiled back in response. ” Oh Rae you know James and Ben right? Their in our year” Chloe asked. “Oh right, hi” she said awkwardly, smiling at them. She was still not comfortable around strangers. “I ran into them here while I was waiting for all you late bunch” Chloe said playfully looking around the table. The table was quite packed. James and Ben sat on the other side of Finn. Chloe next to them placing her right across from Rae. And Chop and Izzy sat on the other side of Chloe. That meant Rae sat in between Finn and Izzy. And if Rae had to socialize with strangers at least she had Finn and Izzy as a comfort barrier. She thought again of bailing and taking Finn with her but she thought back to her last session with Kester. In their last session they talked about her doing things that were out of her comfort zone. Kester assured her only good things could come of it. Socializing with strangers was definitely out of her comfort zone, so she reluctantly stayed. “Oi! if I was late, was only cus this one is a nightmare when it comes to getting ready” Chop said patting Izzy’s head. “Chop don’t pat my head! I swear you still treat me like a friend sometimes!” Izzy shouted. “Do not Iz,” Chop started before he started whispering the rest to Izzy. The next thing you knew Chop and Izzie were whisper fighting. Rae and Finn always got a laugh whenever Chop and Izzie did this. Rae turned to Finn to laugh but when she faced him, he had his grumpy sod expression all over his face. Rae remembered James and Ben were still there and how little Finn cared for talking to strangers and people in general. Looking at her his expression started to soften. He scooted even closer to her and with the hand around her waist he reached over and spelled on her thigh, LETS GO. Rae just smiled sweetly at him and shook her head no. Finn then gave her his most pleading, puppy, please look. It took all of Rae’s power to look away and turn to Chloe. Chloe was in deep conversation with the lad named James. With the way she was looking at him Rae could tell he was the one she fancied. “Well” thought Rae to herself, “better start this socializing thing so I can actually tell Kester I tried”. Rae focused her attention to Ben who sat their awkwardly since everyone seemed to be paired off except him. Rae sympathized with that and decided to have a chat with him. “So Ben” Rae said smiling what kind of music do you listen too”?


Finn could not believe his ears or his eyes. His girl Rae Earl was actually asking this twat about music. Music was their thing. And did he see right? Did she give this twat her sweet smile. The one reserved for him? When he snapped out of his thoughts, Ben was saying “Oh yeah love Oasis but Blur is way better.” “Well we’ll have to agree to disagree on that one” Rae answered him laughing. Finn traced on her thigh TWAT and smiled his mischievous smile at her. Rae shushed his hand away not even looking at him. Finn sighted angrily and slumped on his seat crossing his arms. He looked up at the twat. What was his name? Ben? Whatever, he really didn’t care. He was just starting to think he was overreacting when he noticed this fucker staring straight at her chest. He was even being sly about it! Just straight out staring! He could feel his face start to burn. Snapping out of his thoughts again he heard Rae still discussing music while the fucker still stared. “Let’s go,” he said aloud. This got the whole table’s attention and everyone stopped their conversation to look at Rae and Finn. Rae looked at Finn confused and said, “why Finn, what’s wrong?” Finn got closer and whispered in her ear ,”this twat is staring at your boobs and I’m ten seconds away from punching him in the face.” Rae gave him her most annoyed look and whispered,”Finn stop being a dickhead, he is not staring.” Again Finn sighted angrily and slumped even lower in his seat. “Anyway…”, Ben was saying as Finn tuned him out attempting to control is anger. The rest of the table also went back to their own conversations. Finn closed his eyes still trying to control his anger and counted to ten. When he opened his eyes that twat was still shamelessly looking at his girl. “Do ya mind mate?” Finn said, “I know they’re spectacular but you need to stop staring at my girl’s boobs.” He said it so casually it took everyone a few seconds to register what he had just said. He looked over at Rae who looked stunned. Ben said, I…I’m sorry…I wasn’t…” “Well which is it?” Finn asked getting louder “are you sorry for staring or are you saying you weren’t staring?” I…I got to go” Ben said and almost knocked the table over in his attempt to make a fast escape. A mortified looking Ben went out the pub door. James coughed nervously and said,”I better go too then, I was his ride home. Bye Chloe. See ya at college then, yeah?” “Yeah of course” Chloe answered. Chloe waited until James was out the door then, “What the hell was that, Finn?!” Finn looked genuinely confused,”What the hell was what?” he asked. Chloe scram, “You just scared off two of the fittest boys from college. They will never speak to us again!” “Look Chloe I could care less if they ever speak to you again and as for Rae, I’m glad I don’t want them nowhere near her!” Finn said as he was going to put his arm around his girl again. Rae push him away as she stood up and said,”You don’t decide who can or cannot get near me!” With that she stormed out of the pub. Finn was stunned for only a second until he followed her out.

The Gang

"To be fair that knobhead was staring at her tits" Chop said. "Chop!" Izzy scram hitting his thigh. "Whatcha gonna do Chloe? You recken those boys will be mad at you?, Izzy asked. "What? Chloe said distracted looking outside, "Oh I don’t care about that anymore. I kinda wanna go outside and hear how this fight ends up." Izzy and Chop followed her gaze outside and saw Rae and Finn clearly in the middle of a screaming argument. "Let’s go outside we’re missing a good show" Chop said. "Yes!" Chloe said exited. "Maybe we should leave them alone", Izzy said. "Nah let’s go outside, we might need to break this up" Chop said. Chloe was already standing ready to go. "Fine" Izzy agreed reluctantly. The pub door closed behind them and Rae and Finn who were off to the side of the entrance didn’t seem to notice them. 


“You still mad Rae Rae”? he asked giving the full puppy face effect. She could swear he knew what he was doing when he did the puppy face. She was gonna need to find ways to stay mad at him when she needed to be mad at him because so far he was making it impossible to stay mad at him. And she needed to stay mad at him right now. No one, not even Finn, was going to control her. “Rae!” Finn said getting louder when she didn’t respond, “he were staring at your boobs!” “What was I supposed to do?!” Rae was stunned at him screaming, he never screamed at her. But just for a moment. She answered him back just as loudly, “I already told you he was not staring at my boobs, Finn!” “He WAS staring,” Finn countered. Rae had just about enough and scram back, “So what if he was staring? I didn’t realize you owned my boobs!” 


"I also didn’t know that you controlled who could or couldn’t be near me, Rae was yelling at him. Finn was starting to feel his head clear and his buzz was going away. "This is stupid" he was thinking to himself when Rae continued on, "Do you want to pick out my clothes for me too, I mean you must know better what would look better on my boobs,I mean your boobs" she was saying sarcastically. Finn was starting to realize he had acted inappropriately but his ego needed to hear Rae admit that the twat was staring at her chest. "Look it’s not like that" he said his voice calm. "I know I don’t control you, own you or nothing like that." "My emotions took over I should not have reacted like that. It’s no excuse but I got jealous because Rae, he were staring at your boobs and you know it. He was making it so obvious. You had to notice." He was looking at Rae’s eyes the whole time he was apologizing and saw her angry expression starting to soften. "He was staring at my boobs" Rae admitted her voice soft. Finn closed the space between them and put his arms around her waist pulling her close. "He should of been more discreet about his staring and we could have avoided all of this" Finn said. "I mean I could have given him some tips. I used to stare at your boobs all the time when we were just friends" he said smiling at her. "Finn you weren’t that discreet about it. I caught you staring lots of times" she said smiling. "You DID?!" Finn said laughing then kissed her. 

The Gang

"Boy did they say the word ‘boobs’ a lot" Chop said as Finn and Rae started kissing. "Shhhhhh!" Chloe and Izzy said in unison. "So is that it?" Chop asked. "They were screaming their heads off at each other and now they’re basically making out in public now?" Chloe rolled her eyes at Chop and said "Yes, they’re in love." "Yeah" Izzy said smiling at Chloe. "Well I hope we don’t behave like that" Chop said to Izzy. They all laughed. Back at their table they looked outside where Finn and Rae were still in the middle of kissing.

The End

Hope you enjoyed.

I have so many sexy party au/reimaginings in my head its not even funny. Maybe I’ll write one later to further my laziness with updating my other fics.


my favourite female characters: rachel ‘rae’ earl

"there’s a part in all of us that’s scared and not sure. and when you get the ability to see that in yourself, you start to see that everyone is fighting, every day, just like Finn said. so instead of saying ‘you’re fat and you’re ugly’, i’m gonna say ‘you are the person who helped your mum out, who saved your best mate, who lives with an illness, but keeps on going’. me, I did all that."