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Hello I do not get the reason why Rae does not want people at college to see her with Finn? And do you think people nowadays do not look for love, they just want the attention, they just want to be popular. Thank you

I think her fear was being rejected by people and have them scrutinizing their private life. She was very aware of Finn’s feelings for her, that he wanted to be with her (no matter how many open doors he had in front of him), but deep down, when her old insecurities came back, she felt that people were not going to “get it” and in her messy way to avoid being criticized by her relationship with him, she just pushed him away. But still, everybody knew they were together and she couldn’t stand what she thought other people were thinking about them. And I think it broke her a little lot more when she realized not even Archie was above that, with him laughing at her along with Simmy and Macca.

And about what people look for nowadays… I would say people do look for love, all the time, but people are being more honest with themselves about what they want in their lives. Some things are not so important if other areas are not developed before and “self-fulfillness” can be mistaken as being self-centered. Shitty people still exist though, climbing the social ladder is pretty much what they do for living, and unfortunately that doesn’t disappear with age. 

Last… I want to apologize because I am replying like 2 weeks after I got this message. I haven’t been around much, lots of work and a bit of low-spirits. Anyway.. thank you for the message!